Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The Tree in the Moon

Today the Tarot of Trees by Dana Driscoll offers us the High Priestess.

Framed by dark and light borders in the shape of a vesica piscis, sign of spiritual enlightenment and balance, a tree sits on a crescent moon framed against the shadowed part of the moon.  Her roots dangle down, decorated by pomegranates - a nod to Persephone and her role as Queen of the Underworld.  Her branches reach upward, a balance to her roots.  Although not clothed in leaves, there is a beauty and sense of growth to the curve of her limbs.

Actually being sat on the moon links this tree-depiction of the High Priestess to the Chinese Moon Goddess Ch'ang-O, connected with herbal healing and being exiled on the Moon, unable to communicate with other people.  So, the aspects of silence and herb-lore are added to the mix.

I am grateful when I can be in silence, connecting with myself and with spirit.


  1. Chloë,


    I just realized you do yoga and are an instructor. I really need to start doing yoga again. I had a short routine that I used to do every day for a good while then I got out of practice and forgot it all. Classes make me nervous...I'm more of a one on one person.

    It's too bad we're so far apart--I would love having someone show me a routine that I could do that isn't TOO hardcore. I did that with a lady several years ago. I guess I should do that again. I have struggled a lot with weight issues and stress problems (plus sleep problems)...I know yoga has been suggested to me many times and I've done it on and off in my life.

    Anyway, looking forward to my reading!

    Hope you have a nice one,

  2. Hi MM,

    Reading will be with you tomorrow, as well as some yoga suggestions :) Yes, this distance thing is weird, isn't it. The internet and Skype make a huge difference, but some things really are a lot better in person.

    Have a lovely weekend,

  3. Thanks, Chloë,

    No big hurry on the reading. Please take your time. Thanks a bunch and hugs and happy weekend to you!