Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Wind of Change

I hadn't realised until now that the Hezicos Tarot was voted one of the Top Ten Decks in 2010 by people on the Aeclectic Forum.  I'd certainly agree, it's a lovely deck, very charismatic.  The Card of the Day today is the Eight of Rods, and is another great example of this.

This card seems rather Monty Python-esque to me.  I can just imagine all the rods talking together as they fly along on the wind blown by the strange figure below.  Some are happy to be on the move, another is grumpy, one seems resigned, one rather dubious, and one looks to me like he's taking the opportunity to steal the limelight, explaining what he thinks is going on and pointing out the sights as they fly by.

Even when events sweep us away, getting us moving whether we want to or not, we can choose how to respond to this wind of change.

I am grateful that things may finally be on the move - I'll be one of the happy ones today


  1. Well, I love your personification of the Wands! Especially the one who has taken it upon himself to be the tour guide! Wonderful characterizations. Each one such an individual. Now this is truly what can be done when reading the Tarot cards! How awesome are you?

    p.s. Glad things are beginning to move in your world.

  2. Hi Cat,

    I think the Hezicos really lends itself to this kind of reading - it is so full of delightful little characters!


  3. It really is like a Monty Python scene. So funny. I love the 8 of Wands. It means something's imminently happening, and as someone who's super impatient I really appreciate that! :)

  4. Hi MM,

    I know what you mean, waiting sucks! I drew the Eight of Wands from two different decks, and within a couple of hours we'd heard some good news: a hospital appointment next week rather than in October. Double whammy - quick news and quick appointment, yay :D

  5. As you know, I know that feeling well. I've waited for so many appointments, clinics, hospitals, ER...oye. I hope it all goes well for you.