Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Alien Judgement

Today's card from the Ludy Lescot Tarot, illustrated by Patrizio Evangelisti and published by Lo Scarabeo, is XX - Judgement.

As with many of the cards in this deck, there is something distinctly discomfiting about the image presented here. Bald and naked, both men and women crowd forward towards a tripartite structure through which a strange light shines. The three figures furthest back seem branded with a red spot, like that which shines from the centre of the source of the blazing light. Beyond the structure we see the silhouette of a monstrous creature, elongated of body and with arm upraised as though to strike the person before it. If these people are being drawn into a new existence, it seems more like one of servitude and suffering than of enlightenment.

Most of the figures shuffle forward with bowed heads, except for the woman to the right rear of the crowd. Though also bald and naked, her gait is upright, her gaze lifted to the scene in front of her. In some decks this card is re-titled "Awakening" and perhaps this is her situation. If she is awakening to the situation she finds herself in, what will she choose to do? There seems no obvious way of escaping, but perhaps that isn't her intention. As in the saying that in the land of the blind the one-eyed man is King, here being the one awakened person perhaps she accompanies the others so that, down the line, she can attempt to win freedom for them all.

I am grateful for what I learn through meditation and mindfulness practices.


  1. I thought they looked like they had holes in their heads. This deck would put me in therapy for sure. Grim and scary!

    If nothing else, I suppose these folk can find solace in their complete lack of cellulite and perfectly shaped booties. ;)

  2. Ha, yes, would you be willing to be an alien slave if it guaranteed you a perfect 10 figure for all eternity? Lol.

  3. Surely there are celebs who've already done that. We could start a list...