Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Uniting the energies of the Sex (Svadhistana) and Crown (Sahasrara) chakras, today's card from the Chakra Mandala equates to the tarot Major the Star.

The Svadhistana links us with our passions and our drives, but here they are harnessed to fuel our search for connection with the divine, through the Sahasrara chakra.  We are, in a sense, aligning our desires with our higher purpose, and so allowing ourselves to be generous and open, guided by spirit.

I love the way that the Sex chakra below is echoed in the centre of the Crown chakra.  Also, this is such a different version of the Crown chakra.  The wheel of colour with almost white petals at the top makes me think of the opening to spirit, of the connection with the stars above, some of which twinkle gently around the Crown chakra.  In aligning ourselves with spirit, we first need to be excited by it, and secondly we need to be open to it.  Both of those aspects are shown here.

I also really like the "landscape" around the Svadhistana chakra - it makes the whole look like a beautiful flower blossoming in a field of other flowers, connecting with a bright star above.  The wheel of colour also makes me think of possibilities.  This is such a vibrant, hopeful card, and to my mind suits the Star very well.

As for me, tonight my Dear One and I have a night out - that's definitely been something I've looked forward to all month, the guiding light in my calendar :)  And yes, there may be some baser desires satisfied, but as Starhawk says, "Every act of love is an act of worship."

I am grateful when I feel aligned with my higher purpose.


  1. Very pretty one. I hope you and Dear One have a lovely night and get into 'alignment'... :D

  2. Hi MM,

    Many thanks! Having couple time is so important, as you know. I hope we get nicely aligned, too ;)