Saturday, 20 August 2011

The All-Seeing Eye

Hand-made rough silk bag with card frontispiece
This week I will be drawing from a Majors only deck!  Now, anyone who knows me will realise this is very rare - I don't normally like decks without pips as I feel that so much of the joy and reality of life is in the everyday, not just in the overarching themes.  However, the Chakra Mandala/Tarot is rather different.  Created by the multi-talented Carol Herzer, renowned for the blinged up Illuminated Tarot, this deck pairs up different chakras to represent the energies of each of the tarot Majors.  Carol also makes music, sings and creates fractal art - check out this youtube clip for chakras and chants, and this one for fractals and chants.

Anyhow, back to the Chakra Mandala: there are a number of variations on this deck.  You can have Carol's recolouring of the the Rider Waite Smith Majors in the foreground and the chakra images in the background (the Chakra Tarot), or you can have just the chakra images (the Chakra Mandala), which is what I chose.  I love that no two chakras are drawn the same, as you'll see over the course of the week.  As with all her decks, Carol also offers various bling versions - glitter and/or irridescent paints to really make the cards shine and come alive!  An added bonus is that they come in the lovely bag you can see here.

I originally got these cards just to meditate with the chakra images, not as a tarot at all.  However, drawing these cards and working with them I started to think about how the combined energies fitted with the Majors they were attributed to.  So, I thought I'd share some of these lovely images and see what others think :)

11 - Justice from the Chakra Mandala 
Today's card is 11 - Justice.  Here we see the Root (Muladhara) chakra combined with the Inner Eye (Ajna) chakra.  The Root chakra is associated with our feeling of safety in the world, our sense of groundedness, and our connections with the past through our forebears.  The Inner Eye chakra, on the other hand, is about seeing beyond the everyday, about bringing wisdom to our perception of the world.  If we take just two key words here - security and wisdom - then the links with Justice become more pronounced.  Bringing wisdom to bear so that we feel safe, have clear boundaries, and trust that good decisions are being made, all fit well both with the idea of Justice as having to appraise the situation we are in and how we got there, as well as trying to make wise decisions for the future.  It also, in a more generic sense, fits with the idea of legal situations and the justice system.

I love the way some of this is portrayed in the image itself.  The Inner Eye chakra has been painted in such a way that it looks almost like an eye, clear-sightedly examining the situation.  And the background looks like a star-scape, with a spiral universe in the petal of the Root chakra that connects it with the Inner Eye chakra.  This seems to me to link with the idea of Justice as karmic - the laws of the Universe, and infinity, all wrapped up in one.  The Root chakra is based around fours - the number of stability and structure - while the Inner Eye chakra has just two petals - the number of choice and duality, there being two sides to any question.  Structure and choices, sounds like another quite good description of Justice.

Returning to the image, there are also some clouds above, the limits of our perception, perhaps?  And darkness below - the muddy ground from which we rise up, which provides the bedrock for our character and the foundation from which we begin all that we do.  There appear to be mountains, symbols of higher truth, and a couple of lines of fire - the passion for life which fuels us.

There is certainly plenty here, both visually and symbolically, to work with and meditate upon!

So, what do you think, do these chakra energies meld well to describe the Justice card?

I am grateful for the ability to assess what has gone before and use that to try to make good choices for the future.


  1. The pictures are pretty in this deck, but I am almost positive I'd never use it. Is it really helpful to study chakras in depth, do you think? Mostly I just visualise them as spinning light wheels.

  2. Well, I guess it depends on what you want to use the chakras for. I have often meditated on the chakras as a way of balancing them. Clearly, you could just do that by visualising them as you say. However, I like the opportunity to think about them in greater depth, to perceive them in different ways, and to meditate on different images. It can also be helpful, for me at least, to have a picture to work with because, as we discussed at the Conference, I find it difficult to visualise without a pre-existing image in my mind. I learnt about them in greater depth on a couple of my yoga teacher trainings, because different poses can be linked to the different chakras, as well as us being encouraged to integrate them into guided meditations for our students. So, for me these cards feel a bit like coming home, but I can see how they might seem unnecessary to someone else. They are beautiful, though :)

  3. I confess that I cannot say if this cards conveys well the idea of 'justice', because I am not acquainted to the symbolism of the chakras very much.

    But I have to say that this deck is GORGEOUS, at least this picture you showed us! It looks... alive. Like there's some sort of energy really working through its colors and symbols. I was amazed! :)

    Thank you for sharing this deck, I did not know about it!

  4. Hi Marina,

    Yes, it is absolutely gorgeous, isn't it? I think even without understanding much about chakras, you can just enjoy the images, and they're great to meditate with. In any case, the deck comes with a LWB that explains the cards, the chakras, and ways to use them for divination. Anyhow, you'll be able to see several more images this week to tempt you some more :)