Monday, 1 August 2011


The Nature's Wisdom Oracle from Mindy Lighthipe, published by Schiffer, today offers us some fungi.

The card of Mushroom is subtitled "Caution".  Now personally, I'm a big fan of mushrooms and wouldn't immediately think "beware".  That is probably due to supermarket shopping, though, and the distance it creates from nature.  I saw a film a while back where a guy goes out into the Alaskan wilderness and ends up dying because he mistakes a poisonous mushroom for a benign one (can't remember the title, probably because I found it so sad I never want to see it again!)  So, perhaps a suggestion to look closely at your choices, because something that seems nourishing may not be.

I am grateful for the reminder to think carefully about the choices I make.


  1. What an interesting card! I also love mushrooms. I'm not currently eating them because they're fungus and I'm on a modified yeast diet (avoiding yeast proliferating foods including fungus, melon (which is moldy), cheeses that aren't fresh/new, and most sweets. Of course I'm not SUPER consistent about it (much more so for my daughter)...

    OY. I just realized I'm rambling! The point is...I like mushrooms, too.

    You strike me as someone who is thoughtful about everything she does so I doubt you'll need that much caution!

  2. thanks for leaving such a nice post on my blog Chloe. I've always written for myself, setting my intent for the day so it doesn't matter if anyone reads it or not. But a lovely comment is always a star in the day ~

    I can't tell you how many blogs I've left comments on, clicked on post, and then zipped off somewhere else...not realizing many have a second step required :) Which I didn't realize till a year or so ago.

    All the best, Sharyn

  3. Hi MM,

    Hope the modified yeast diet is worth the effort - it's not an easy one, and even harder to enforce on a child, I imagine.

    I read the fine print on some paperwork yesterday, and saved myself a lot of work - wonderful the way decks can help in so many situations ;D


  4. Hi Sharyn,

    I write for myself, too, but connecting with others is also a joy.

    As for the blog comments section, that's not even mentioning the sometimes daft systems of blurry words - occasionally I've had to do that twice as I, a person, couldn't figure out the word. At least if any spam bots do get through they'll have to be impressively intelligent, and might leave a comment you'd care to read - ha, ha.

    Best wishes,