Monday, 22 August 2011

Chakra Mandala Author Info

The vid is another of Carol Herzer's creations, which I thought it would be nice if you could play and watch while reading ;)

Before I started blogging about this gorgeous deck, I asked Carol if that would be OK with her.  Based on having emailed back and forth when I bought the deck, I knew her as a friendly, helpful person.  So, it was no surprise, but still a pleasure, when she happily agreed. 

After the first post on the Chakra Mandala card 11, which I had identified as Justice, I sent Carol a link to take a look.  Turns out, according to her attibutions, 11 is Strength and 8 is Justice!  We had a laugh and a chat about that :D Here is some info from Carol about that and also about how she reads with these cards, which she is happy for me to share here.  I love this insight into how these cards were created and assigned, and how the author herself uses them!

"In my book, and in both of my chakra sets number 11 is not Justice, it is Strength.  Nevertheless you did make some good sense out of it. Which makes me wonder, if there could be more than one way to associate the cards. Maybe infinite (almost) ways. That is the nature of the tarot anyway, it seems to bend and shape itself around many forms and interpretations. That is why it works so well, perhaps.

  When I created the chakras cards I started just making the paintings of the chakras pairs. I had no idea I would make it into a tarot. It took a long time to find the order of the cards. I carried them around for over a year trying to figure it out. The key came in a series of exercises written out by a woman named Jawala, she wrote a book called Sacred Sex. You start with the root, bring up the orgasmic energy to the second, back to root, up to third, back to second up to fourth, and so on weaving upward.So I decided to order the chakras pairs cards that way, starting with the root and second, then the root and third, then the second and third, and so on up. when I lined them up with the tarot majors there seemed to be a LOT of connections.

 You can create your own ways of doing readings with the chakras. I usually start with the basic individual 7 single chakras laid face down, select one with the left and one right hand. I read both of these, left is problem or weak or whatever, and right is strong, or solution, or how to release the blocked energy. Then I read the major card of the two. So the card you had, 11, root and inner eye, could be explained a bit more by the placement of the chakras. You could decide that reversed means the top chakra is left or right or however you want to see it. Sometimes I go on with the reading, pull one more from the basic 7, this gets added above the major, and two more majors are created by combining it with the first two. So if you got power then you would have cards 13 and 2. High Priestess is root and Power. You can keep on going, next draw of again two individual chakras, and just go until you are out of them."

I can imagine using the left and right hand idea with any deck.  And if you give it a go, and let me know what you think...

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