Sunday, 28 August 2011


For this second draw from the Rock and Roll Oracle I received "Fantasy".  This card is associated with the Steppenwolf song "Magic Carpet Ride".  I'd vaguely heard of this song, but was amazed when I saw their other credits - Pusher and Born To Be Wild were also theirs.  Songs I've long known, but never knew who they were by.  OK, so I'm showing my lack of rock and roll savvy more than anything else... oh, well.

I absolutely love the image associated with this card!  It makes me think of the tales of the Arabian Nights, and Sinbad the Sailor, of beautiful damsels, dashing princes, and exotic adventures.  The whole idea of our imagination being able to take us wherever we want to go is certainly one I live by :)

However, I can see both good and bad in that.  Sure, escaping for a while can be very necessary, and it can also be a source of creative inspiration.  Sometimes, though, we forget that we need to come back and live in the real world. 

I am grateful for my imagination, which allows me to travel and explore from the comfort of my own mind.


  1. Why not embed some youtube clips of each of these songs? :)

    I love 'Magic Carpet Ride'. In fact, I think I'll go listen to it right now. :) xx

  2. Hi Carla,
    I decided to link to the youtube vids rather than embed them because of the file size and how slow the page is to load. But I am linking to all the songs on youtube - just click on the song title :)