Thursday, 25 August 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

When I drew this card from the Chakra Mandala I was definitely surprised.  Here, Carol has created a gorgeous flower, with the Root Chakra as its stem and the Heart Chakra as its blossom.  A bright blue sky surrounds it, as it grows up from waving grasses, reaching for the sun.  These combined energies are Carol's representation of the Emperor.

While I can understand the Root (Muladhara) Chakra being here, the Heart (Anahata) Chakra is a less obvious choice for me.  The Root Chakra, with its four petals, represents our sense of security and groundedness.  In this it fits well with the ideas of boundaries and structure that the Emperor represents.  The Heart Chakra is, at the first level, about love, compassion, and opening to others.  However, it is also connected on a physical level with the hands, and so has aspects of building and making.  Making things in a structured way would fit with Emperor-type energy.

This quite positive take on the Emperor makes me think of Janet Boyer's comparison of the Emperor and Empresses energies.  Her point is that, in a garden as in life, we need rules and structure, we need someone to weed and to put things in an appropriate place.  If we just had wild growth, none of the plants would do as well, as they would not have their individual needs met and would face a lot of competition.  So, creating rules and boundaries can actually be a way of expressing love, and helping ourselves and others to grow.

Today I shall spend some quality time with BB, who I often draw as the Emperor - he is a Capricorn, and pretty keen on structure.   Also a little tyrant, but then, maybe that's because I don't exercise enough of my Emperor discipline :(

I am grateful for the structures in my life which allow me to grow.


  1. This is a beautiful card and I really enjoy your explanation of it. I think that even in the Emperor card there is a touch of love. I don't think the Emperor exhibits blind authority. I believe that everything he does is thought out and calculated... and you can only focus on something that meticulously if you have love for it.

    This gives me the message that I must put love and emotion into everything I am doing... even if its not idle to be doing it. If its a responsibility that I have, then I should do it with a whole heart.

    Thanks for that ;)

    Not sure who BB is but have fun...

    Much love

  2. I really liked you explanation of the garden! The Empress and the Emperor energies must be kept in balance, just like the energy of the Magician and the High Priestess. They are sacred polarities that keep the universe moving. If one rules over the other completely, the dance stops. ;)

    I always imagine the Empress and Emperor like a couple dancing. His steps are precise, beautiful and clean. Hers are passionate, more spontaneous but, sometimes, a bit messy. If only he rules, the dance will be nothing but a series of movements without feeling. If only she rules, there will be no choreography, only senseless movement lost in itself. I think their energy mix beautifully, and I love how this is shown in the card!

  3. I think both the Emperor and the Hierophant have gotten a bad rep in tarot :-p They are both needed. It is kinda funny how in Kabbalah the 'feminine' side is the one of severity, boundaries, restriction, yet in tarot we place those traits with the more masculine cards.
    Love the Dance analogy :-D

  4. Hi Shaheen,
    I guess you're right, there probably is always love in the Emperor. Can you say "Daddy issues"? Yeah, so I'm not a big fan of masculine energy and authority, but at least I can open up to it here :)

    Hi Marina,
    Love your dance analogy, thanks for sharing that!

    Hi Saidenne,
    You're right, of course, the Hierophant and Emperor have a bit of a bad rep, and their energy is necessary, too.
    I have to admit I find it hard to think of the feminine as severe. I can imagine more easily women being subjected to bounaries and restrictions - like in some Jewish sects they can't show their hair, and mustn't even brush the fingers of a man who isn't their husband...