Thursday, 11 August 2011


Coming towards the end of this week of draws, the Tarot of the Renaissance, published by Lo Scarabeo and illustrated and authored by Giorgio Trevisan and Pietro Alligo offers us a slightly different take on the Moon.

This card is very close to Rider Waite Smith iconography, which somehow makes the differences all the more striking.  Here, it is very clear that there is a domestic dog and a fox, both howling up at the moon.  Another change is that the path we see meanders back and forth before finally entering an enclosure with two towers, rather than passing between what seem more like watchtowers. 

This speaks to me of allowing ourselves to connect with our own wildness, yet knowing that we will have a safe haven to return to after our journey is done.

I am grateful to think that there will be a homecoming at the end of my journey.

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