Sunday, 21 August 2011

Passion and Expression

Today's card from Carol Herzer's Chakra Mandala is one of my favourites.  Combining the Sex and Throat chakras, it is her version of the Strength card.

This combination fits really well with my post a while back on the Silver Era Tarot's Strength card.  There I spoke about Strength in terms of the ability to speak your truth, to feel the powerful emotions that drive you and then say what you want and need.  This matches very well these two chakras - the Sex chakra or Svadhisthana, which is connected to our most basic drives and desires, and the Throat chakra or Vishuda, connected with communication generally and speaking in particular.

In terms of the image itself, I love the way the top and bottom halves balance each other.  Underneath is the Svadhisthana chakra.  This is not just about sex per se (though this linking does make me think of Crowley's renaming the Strength card Lust), but also about what we are passionate about, what drives us.  The Svadhisthana has six petals, a number that links it to the Lovers card, and to resolution.  The Sex chakra is orange, and Carol has added in some red, pink and blue.  I notice the intertwining ribbons that go out to either side, reminiscent of DNA.  A reminder that we are what our genes make us, at base.  

And yet, then there's the top half.  The beautiful blue of the Vishuda chakra with its eight petals - balanced and strong, linking back to this card itself and to achievement - with little red, pink and orange flames and a red core.  These colours echo the groundedness and passion below that seep up and pour out, transformed into something that we can communicate harmoniously allowing us to achieve our goals.

Today we are going to visit my parents with BB.  Although I adore my mother and get on very well with her, things are more complicated when managing the needs and wishes of myself, BB, Dear One, and my parents.  I think it may be relevant to pay attention to what I need in these circumstances, and be willing to express that.  Otherwise, we could end up with an uncomfortable visit, rather than an enjoyable one.

I am grateful for the ability to know my desires and express them clearly.


  1. I too like the visual of this card, and how the blue seems to nestle comfortably atop the red, yet at the same time it absorbs some of the red's energy as shown in its red center and the feather like images that adorn each of its petals.

    It is like the blue has gained an understanding of those baser instincts and of those passions which drive one and those conflicting forces that exist within. In that understanding it is able to redistribute that energy in a way that others can appreciate and also understand.

    I am grateful that I can not only acknowledge but also understand those conflicting energies that exist. so that I may take them and turn them around into a positive outcome.

  2. Hi Helen,

    That's a beautiful way of expressing the energy of the card! Gaining an understanding of baser instincts and transforming them. And a great gratitude, too. Many thanks for your insights :)