Wednesday, 10 August 2011


The King of Swords, from the Tarot of the Renaissance by Pietro Alligo and Giorgio Trevisan, published by Lo Scarabeo, is the card I drew today.

He kneels, one knee on the floor, the other bent and foot planted, holding a red flag decorated with a sword, shield and crown emblem.  In his right hand is a large sword, while a blue cape drapes his armour-clad figure.

It seems to me that this King is pledging himself to something.  To a quest for the truth, perhaps, given his emblem resembles traditional Ace of Swords iconography.  Unlike many depictions where he seems cold and judgemental, here I get the sense of a passionate dedication that leads him ever onward.  The colours are interesting.  Red is often associated with passion, and with a connection to our ancestors.  Blue is related to clear communication.  So, he might be someone able to express family truths, and who seeks truths about where he comes from.

Questions he brings up for me are: what truths do you believe in?  What knowledge do you most need right now?  What would you be willing to dedicate yourself to?  What does family mean to you?  How can you best say what needs to be said?

I am grateful to my mother for always encouraging me to ask questions and speak my truth.


  1. Fascinating king. My impression is submission, like the end of a war that has been lost, meeting the victor.

    Did you get your VW yet?

  2. I was the one shopping for a VW, Miss Sharyn!! ;)

  3. I like a King that also knows how to kneel. It speaks of humility, too. Good read!

  4. I don't know, Sharyn, to me he seems rather unbowed for someone submitting... I go more with Manda's take on humility... or perhaps offering his service and his kingdom to his lady love (or the Goddess) :)

    Yes, as Carla says, the VW is to be hers. Neither I nor my Dear One have had a car for over four years now, we're just members of a car share programme - works out very well! No insurance costs, no maintenance costs, and it really makes me think twice before jumping in the car :D Still, I guess that only works if you live in a city...