Friday, 26 August 2011

Psychedelic Hierophant

On this last day drawing from the Chakra Mandala by Carol Herzer I just wanted to let people know that Carol will soon be announcing a new deck release!  Another luminous, irridescent and glittery 78 card deck, a recolouring of the Illuminated Tarot called Crystal Fire or Dark Fire, depending on the exact colouring.  Check her website over the next couple of weeks for information...

Back to the Chakra Mandala and today's card, a rather psychedelic take on the Hierophant.  It took me a while to get my head around this depiction of this Major 5 energy.  As with quite a few other cards, I find these chakra images show the positive aspects of these archetypes.  When I think of the rather tight-arsed RWS Hierophant, the last keywords I would come up with would be Sex and Heart!  Yet those are the chakras that Carol has assigned to this card.

The Sex or Svadhistana chakra is, as I've mentioned before, not just about sex.  It is also connected to our desires, and even to social status - if you have status you are more likely to be able to get a partner of your choosing.  This hierarchical aspect of the chakra does make me think of the Hierophant.  Also, there is the question of energy being gathered and held in - after all, many different religious orders around the world recommend or demand sexual abstinence, to channel that energy towards a higher purpose.

As for the Heart or Anahata chakra, as we saw yesterday this is linked to compassion and action.  Many religious scriptures advocate something like Karma Yoga - serving others as a way to express your divine calling.  Perhaps, then, this is not such an odd combination for the Hierophant.

In terms of the image itself, I rather like the trippy colours and swirls.  This makes me think of an ecstatic trance, or that place in meditation where you are no longer sure what is up or down, floating in a sea of being.

Today we are off for a family trip to Brighton.  Channeling my energy towards compassion may well be necessary - several hours in a car with a little boy who doesn't like sitting in car seats can be quite wearing on all concerned.  

I am grateful for the reminder to focus my energy on showing compassion.

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