Friday, 5 August 2011


For this last day pulling from the Nature's Wisdom Oracle by the talented artist and author Mindy Lighthipe, I drew the Pansy.

This close-up draws us into the rather sensual folds of the Pansy.  While the keyword is Reassurance, other thoughts present themselves to me.  I find this card both erotic, and yet also spiritual.  The deep purple colour is one I associate with communing with the divine in whatever form that takes for you.  The yellow suggests sunshine and happiness.  And perhaps, altogether, these associations do bring me back to the idea of reassurance.  Feeling reassured that I am loved, on both an intimate level and a spiritual level.

Reading Mindy's commentary, I am in some ways not too far off the mark.  She notes that legend says the pansy was white until pierced by Cupid's arrow, after which it turned bright purple and became able to heal love problems, as well as showing the face of a loved one in the centre of its blossom.  So, pansies were carried as a reassurance of the continued affection of a beloved, acting as a remembrance.  This also connects with the French derivation of the name - pansy=pensée=thought.

I am grateful for the love I share with friends, family and Dear One.


  1. I finally succumbed and ordered this deck as she has so many cards that I am interested in. Flowers, insects, animals and a botanical illustrator with a slightly different look.

    Pansies always remind me of my Mom who used to plant them at the front of the house every year. So the word "Reassurance" seems apt in that respect. Who is more reassuring than a mother?

  2. Hi JJ,

    I'm sure you won't be disappointed, it's a lovely deck. And what a lovely association to the pansy, too!