Friday, 19 August 2011

Rescue or Ruin?

Today I say goodbye to Ludy Lescot, or rather hasta la vista.  I'm sure I shall be doing more readings with this Lo Scarabeo published deck illustrated by Patrizio Evangelisti.  Though dark and rather discomfitting, I really like it. 

For this final draw, another card of sorrow - the Five of Cups.  Here, I notice first the pentacles etched on the cups.  Some would say that all emotions are connected with the divine: when we love, it is an echo of divine love; when we fear, we fear a lack of divine compassion; when we hate, it is a lack of belief in the divinity of all of nature.   The despair shown here might, then, show a lack of spiritual faith, that this faith has been challenged in some way. 

Our despondent woman appears to be in a cemetery, suggesting that she has lost a loved one.  Such a loss might well make her question the goodness of life and the universe.  A shadowy figure approaches.  Does he offer assistance, or has he come to challenge her further?

Today I meet with an ex.  We parted as friends, though I mourned the relationship for a long time.  Will seeing him again remind me of past hurts, or what I have found since?  The latter, I think, for my life now is made so much better by my Dear One.

I am grateful for the chance to release past sorrows.


  1. Hope your meeting went well.

    It was interesting seeing Ludy Lescott. I know I would never own this deck. The art doesn't work for me and it's so dark. As someone who struggles a bit with negativity and even depression, it's best that I avoid decks that are this challenging. It was great to see it through your eyes, though! :) xx

  2. Hi Carla,
    I can certainly see what you mean about the LL. Hope you like this week's deck better:)