Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sunday Oracle - Gods & Titans

I decided to do a quick draw with the Gods and Titans deck, full of eye candy, erm, I mean active, masculine energy ;)

What this says to me is that I might think today is going to be about having fun and partying (well, picnicking), but actually something may give me a prod so I can't just relax, but have to take charge in some way.  Even if it's simply to pick the sandwiches we'll have and where we'll go, or making sure that everyone has everything they need, I won't be able to rest on my laurels even if it is a Sunday.  Hmm, sounds like pretty much every day of being a mother...

Update: Here was I expecting a quiet Sunday, involving nothing more taxing than a picnic in the park.  In fact a reading request came in through my website.  Jizo is subtitled Support, and I certainly hope my tarot readings offers support to my clients.  So, instead of lounging around with friends, I am being prodded into work-mode, trying to get and offer some perspective (the eagle's view in Zeus' card) to answer a call for support.

Illustrations: Zeus, Dionysus and Jizo from the Gods and Titans deck by Stacey Demarco and Jimmy Manton.


  1. Looks to me like you need to relax and resist the urge to take charge when it looks (to you) like things are getting 'disorderly'.

  2. Ha! Could also be true, and I'll try to keep that in mind at the picnic. However, see my update - I've been called on for a reading: no lounging in bed this morning for me.

  3. Interesting update! And so good to see you using this deck. You use all the decks I am interested in getting, lol.

    Enjoy your picnic!


  4. Hi PLN,
    I only got it recently, but I'm definitely enjoying it. The deck has a good mix of figures from different cultures, and the companion book is clear and interesting, too. The only person notable by his absence, for me, is Buddha. They're also going to bring out a Goddesses and Sirens deck :) Anyhow, I'd say go for it, but then, I'm a deck-aholic :b