Monday, 22 August 2011

A Sunny Moon

For this third draw from Carol Herzer's Chakra Mandala, I pulled the Moon card - 18.

Carol links this Major to the Power (Manipura) and Crown (Sahasrara) chakras.  The Manipura is associated with digestion, with the gut.  So, it links to ideas of gut instinct, and of where we draw our power from.  It has five petals, which in tarot terms links it to conflict - we may not trust our gut, or our instincts may go against what our head says and what we feel we should do.  The Sahasrara chakra connects us with the spiritual dimension of life, and is associated with integration.   Part of the message I see here is that if we truly integrate our intuition we would not be left in the nebulous place of dreams and darkness which we often associate with the Moon card.  There is a lot of power here, but we may not direct it appropriately, which is when doubts assail us.

In terms of imagery, this card seems rather sunny for the moon.  The Manipura's colour is yellow, and Carol has echoed this in the Sahasrara, which is often white or violet.  White holds all the colours, explaining this multi-coloured Crown chakra.  And I suppose that the moon does reflect the sun's light, so the Crown reflecting the colours from the Power chakra makes sense.  Overall, this feels a rather more positive take on the Moon card, showing its potential for growth rather than where we may often get stuck with its energies.

I am grateful for the strength of my intuitions, and the variety of my dreams.


  1. Once more I am impressed by the beauty of this deck! Wow! I am also impressed by your ability to interpret these cards - as beautiful as they are, I feel a bit lost when looking at them.

    Perhaps because chackras as so connected to energy, perhaps these cards need to be 'felt', and not simply read. You have to feel their vibration, that of the colors and the shapes, in order to truly understand their message.

    I am really enjoying your readings with them! :)

  2. Hi Marina,

    Thanks, glad you're enjoying this deck and my musings about it. I like your comment about needing to "feel" the vibrations of these cards - I think that's what I try to do when I meditate on them :)

  3. I think these are wonderful cards for tapping into one's intuition I love the way the moon shines. It sends out a soft light over everything, rather than, as in most images creating a shadow. It highlights that flower beneath it so that we can see its true form.

    The Indigo colour that surrounds the Moon reminds me of the Brow Chakra and the soft blue beneath of the ability to reflect on what you know.

    I am grateful that I can clear away the shadows of my mine in order to see more clearly.

  4. Oops type mine should be mind ^__^

  5. Hi Helen,

    I agree with you completely, these are gorgeous, intuitive cards. As ever, a beautiful gratitude - thank you for sharing it :)

  6. Wow I never seen these cards before, they look stunning and full of energy and life.

  7. Hi Saidenne,

    Yes, they are gorgeous - very vibrant. And the glitter and iridescent effects can't be seen in the scan - they are even more alive in person :)