Wednesday, 31 August 2011

True Love

What a beautiful card for this lovely Wednesday morning!  Not only are the keyword and song up-lifting, but the colours, too, are sunny and bright, full of promise.  The Rock'n'Roll Oracle offers us True Love, inspired by a song called "Heart Full of Soul" by the Yardbirds.

This image makes me think about the way that we are connected at a heart level with so many different people, places and things.  We are nourished by this wealth of love, just as we nourish others with our love.  I have to say, it also makes me think of the idea of there being "the one true love" of our lives.  This isn't a concept I personally subscribe to.  I think we are capable of loving a lot of people, and being loved by them.  And the person who is right for us at one time in our lives may not be right at another time.  If we have a web of loving connections then we will always be supported, and not have to depend just on one person for our happiness.

I am grateful for all the love in my life: my Dear One, Baby Boy, my mother and stepfather, my brothers, my uncles, aunts and cousins, my friends both near and far, and my cats, who are so often a lapfull of love.

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  1. Nice post!

    I admit I am (or thought I was?) someone who believed in soul mates rather than a web of loved ones, but now I'm leaning toward the latter. It seems so haphazard. Haha. Sorry. I am in kind of a sad mood today. I need a serious nap.

    Hope you have a lovely SEPTEMBER!!


  2. Hi MM,

    I'm not sure I'm denying the idea of soulmates, more the idea that there is only one in your lifetime, and that they are your sexual partner. I have some friends I consider soulmates, and I see my Dear One that way, too. But I don't think he's the only person in the world I could have found that with, and I don't deny the possibility that it could change in the future. Don't know if that makes sense, but it's how I see things...

    Sorry you're feeling a bit glum. Napping does help, if you can manage it :/

    Anyhow, wishing you a fabulous September, too!!

    Big hugs,