Saturday, 6 August 2011

Two Views Spread

Spread Layout as defined by SynTAROTis
A little while back, SynTAROTis wrote a post suggesting using a spread entitled "Another way to look at the problem is..." to examine an issue from two different angles.  I thought, what a great idea!  However, I'll call it the Two Views Spread, as the other is just way too much of a mouthful ;)

As part of my training as a counsellor I have to gather experience with clients.  I already have one placement, which I very much enjoy, but they don’t have very many clients right now.  So, I’m trying to decide whether or not to try to get a second placement.  I decided to pull out my new Ludy Lescot Tarot, illustrated by Patrizio Evangelisti, for this draw.  I've scanned the cards in a line, so they're easier to see.

Ludy Lescot Tarot - King of Cups, Empress, Six of Cups
1)  The issue is that, in order to become a counsellor (and what better card for that than the King of Cups?) I need to gain experience and understanding of emotion without being overwhelmed by it.  However, part of the challenge is that it feels like taking on more work would stifle my ability to be both creative and a good mother (the Empress).  The solution lies in focusing on my child (BB), and on being playful and childlike myself (Six of Cups).  I feel like expressing the creative part of myself - writing this blog and playing with the tarot, as well as doing crafty things - are the ways I tap into that.  There is also the aspect of not forgetting my dreams.  This could refer to counselling, but it doesn't strike me that way.  Working with clients feels like work, not play, and not what I always wanted to do as a child - that was writing :)

Altogether, this spread seems to have picked up on the problem - feeling I ought to be the King of Cups.  It suggests, though, that the real need, and the challenge, here is to stay in touch with my Empress aspect, and I can best do that through play, not work.

Another way of looking at it is....

Ludy Lescot Tarot - Emperor, Ten of Cups, Ace of Cups
2) Big Boy (BB) is extremely demanding (he's shown up in my spreads as the Emperor since before he was born!)  There is so much that has to be done for him in a structured way - medicines at six different times of the day and night, supplements at three different times, food every two and a half hours... The challenge is to feel like I’m nourishing him without being sucked dry myself - to enjoy being a family, and having time for him and my Dear One (Ten of Cups).  The solution lies in taking some time for myself (she's alone on the Ace of Cups card) and allowing the universe to replenish me - through meditation, perhaps.  Taking some downtime, rather than doing more work, will energise me and support me through both demands and happy times - playing takes energy, too! 

Once again, this spread seems to have picked up on an important aspect of this dilemma.  If I take on another placement it will require more of my time, which means less to spend with my little tyrant, less to spend with my Dear One, and less to spend with myself and on spiritual and creative pursuits.

Overall, both perspectives seem to say that I need other things in my life besides work.  Perhaps it's better for me right now to take things a bit slower, if that means having more time for myself and my family.


  1. What a fantastic spread! How are you liking the Ludy Lescot Tarot? From these images, I don't think it's me, dahling. :) Well, into my spread notebook this one goes. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Carla,

    It is a great spread, isn't it? A novel twist on an old favourite.

    As for the Ludy Lescot, I didn't feel straight away at home with it the way I did with the Wheel of the Year Tarot at the Conference. Still, dark decks are supposed to be a little unsettling, right?

    And we're all different in that sort of thing. I can't imagine working with the Golden Tarot, for instance - way too much like old paintings my mum used to force me to walk around museums and galleries to see!

    :) Cx

  3. Wow, your mum took you to galleries! :) Nice. I grew up in rural Arkansas, the best I could hope for was a barbecue by the river. ;)

  4. Wow, a bbq by the river sounds lovely! :D I hated walking around galleries - boring, weird pics that didn't mean anything to me. To this day I get backache from walking round galleries: something about the stopping and starting, I think. I do go and enjoy them, but only in small doses. Weird that I love images so much if they're on cards ;)

  5. I was going to ask you about this deck too. I saw some images elsewhere and it seemed a little too sexualised, but I quite like the ones here in your post. I guess I'd have to see more of the deck to consider getting it. Do you have any plans to use it for your draws here?

    Ah, I remember being taken round galleries too. However, it is nice to Tarot Spot in them these days :)

  6. Hi PNL,
    I was debating which deck to use for next week's gratitudes, so I guess I'll do the Ludy Lescot ;) And I might do a couple more spreads with it, too... If you want to see all the Majors, they can be found here: There are quite a few busty women on it, and there's something about some of the blokes belts being half undone, too, but overall I like it :>