Tuesday, 23 August 2011


This beautiful image is the Judgement card in Carol Herzer's Chakra Mandala, as well as the frontispiece for the bag it comes with.

Here we have the Throat (Vishuda) and Crown (Sahasrara) chakras, with blue emphasised in both.  This is a great example of the way that Carol paints the chakras differently each time, as we have already seen both these chakras on different cards (the Vishuda on Strength and the Sahasrara on the Moon card).  Here, though, both the colours and the balance, as well as the background, lend a quite different feel to this combination.  The Throat chakra represents how we communicate, and the Crown chakra represents our connection with the divine, as well as integration.

While the Crown chakra is fairly obvious, Judgement having a lot to do with the divine, the Throat chakra is more subtle.  In traditional images we see an angel with a trumpet, calling up souls for the final days.  This card is often interpreted as hearing a call from spirit to follow a new path, or to follow our calling, hence the link with vocation.  So, more about listening to communications from spirit than ourselves communicating, perhaps...

There is a great sense of unity for me in this card, a flowing between the two energies, and a sense of their connection to more below, but which is taken for granted, or at least not the focus of this card.  This says to me that this kind of integration is only possible after other energies have been harnessed.  We can only move on and follow a higher calling once we have covered the basics in life.

Today is the day I see counselling clients.  This is still something I feel uncertain about - can I really do this, can I help?  And yet it is certainly something I feel called to do.  Maybe if I can focus more on this as a spiritual labour of love, and less on my own performance, then I can hearken better to what I need to hear, both from spirit and from my clients.

I am grateful for the reminder that communication is about listening, more than speaking.

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