Saturday, 13 August 2011

Weekend 3 Carder - Finding My Vision

Infinite Visions Tarot: 9 of Cups, 5 of Cups, 7 of Swords
After the relative success of my first unstructured reading, I decided to try another one for the weekend.  This time I used the beautiful Infinite Visions Tarot.  It's a great deck for this sort of reading because it is completely borderless, as well as being RWS-based but with lots of individual personality.

The cards I dealt are shown above.  I looked first to the central card - the Five of Cups.  This person looks exhausted, or maybe just washed up.  Certainly, that is part of how I'm feeling, though tiredness seems to be a constant in my life with BB sleeping so poorly for the last three and a half years.  Still, I notice the beautiful waters behind him that could help wash away his cares, and the rays of sunlight and bright line of yellow that are breaking through the dark clouds.  This feels very hopeful, that there is change afoot. 

Where might this change come from?  Our central figure, if he chose to look up, would see the vision that is being presented to the old man in the Nine of Cups.  Genie-esque, she speaks to me of hope.  If I decide what it is I really want and then wish for that, perhaps she will be the muse to help me achieve it. 

To his other side, the man in the Seven of Swords has taken one sword from a pile and is heading out the door.  He looks towards the central figure, and Seven's sword looks like it could give Five a prod in passing :D big grin  

Although many people associate the Seven of Swords with deceit, I have often thought about it in terms of gathering ideas from a number of sources and seeing which ones you want to use.  I guess in some ways the difference could be seen as that between plagiarism and referencing your sources.  Here, the figure has chosen just one sword, and now is going to use it - a suggestion to find the central idea I need and move ahead with it?  I notice, too, the waning moon in the sky above him.  The moon speaks to me of letting go, something which the Five of Cups so often suggests implicitly.  And the figure in the Seven has chosen his sword and is moving out towards that waning moon - willing to leave behind the rest and move on. 

Another aspect of this Seven of Swords is the beautiful goddess figure/fox face to the right of the man on the wall beside the doorway (you may need to expand your image to make this out).  That duality between asking for assistance or being cunning, highlighted again in this symbol.  If seen as a female figure, her pose echoes that of the muse in the Nine of Cups.  Both have arms upraised - the suggestion being that we must ask if we wish to receive something, in this case inspiration.

Today, I have been working on my essay, and I feel that I have finally found my direction with it (having changed the title three times, so far!)  Deciding what exactly it is I want to express has helped me find my Nine of Cups muse, as well as the clarity of direction and focus that the Seven of Swords implies here.  I have had to let go of several sources I had thought to use, because they don't fit with where the essay is going now.  So, I feel this draw expresses well where I have been (a bit despondent and tired, feeling directionless and rather washed up), and the fact that I have it in my power to change this by connecting emotionally with what I really want to say, gathering appropriate information and letting go of what isn't useful.  And most importantly, actually getting on with writing it...  Now which card would best represent that?


  1. You really do VERY well with the unstructured readings. You're suited to it. I'm impressed. I don't know what's wrong with me, however, as I haven't felt like posting. That's very unlike me.

    I might break my 'won't post 'til August 29th' rule if I get my Tea Leaf Fortune Cards in.

    Grats on beginning to break through the essay inertia. The 8 of Wands to me that you got today really makes me think you'll suddenly finish it, faster than you thought after a long delay.


  2. Hi MM,

    Glad you don't think my reading is totally off base :) It's been a fun challenge going unstructured!

    As for the essay, still not finished, but I do think I'll have it done by the end of the week :)