Saturday, 3 September 2011


This first daily card from the Tarot of the Silicon Dawn (Lo Scarabeo 2011) created by Egypt Urnash reminds me of the sixties film Barbarella.  When I googled it for the link, I discovered that they're planning a remake, to come out in 2014 - looking forward to that!

This card is the 10 of Pentacles.  In Egypt's system, this equates to the 10 of Fire (in most decks associated with Wands).  I feel this card mainly has to be taken on its own merits.  Nevertheless, I can see links to traditional 10 of Wands cards.  This space lady seems to be able to control the planets - that's quite a lot of power.  Has she taken it all on her own shoulders?  Will she find the burden grows heavy? 

For the moment, though, she seems to enjoy the power, playing with planets as if they were toys.  Perhaps she's forgotten that when we have power we also have responsibility...  Still, it's also good if we can enjoy the projects we take on, be they work or more creative pursuits.

I am grateful that, a year and a half on, I enjoy blogging more and more.


  1. One thing you missed was that this image wasn't just a Barbarella, but also a take on Galactus, Devourer of Worlds. So yes, this world between her hands is just a toy to be manipulated, but also a potential source of nourishment; and she delights in its destruction, much as we would a good plateful at the dinner table.

    Makes me think more about the way food gets to my table, and the responsibility I have to the plants and animals and workers and chemicals and machines that get it there in the form I meet it.

    And also about playing with my food, or with magic (as I do). Godlike power over at least some part of reality is part of the package of empowerment, even if we find that place only in our imaginations!

  2. Hi Zeeth,

    Never heard of Galactus, and he's not directly mentioned in the companion book - thanks for the reference. Love your description - the world is like a plate of food *ha ha*. Your point about responsibility and awareness in both food and magic is well taken!