Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Brother Raccoon

The Oracle of the Shapeshifters continues to delight with its sweet characters, both human and animal.  Today we meet Brother Raccoon - finally a male character ;)

This card shows a Native American girl with angel wings, and a rather cutesy raccoon in her lap.  With the key phrase "A safe place for you to go" the suggestion is clearly that the angels are watching over us.  However, it makes me ask - where is a safe place for you?  We all have safe places, be they real or imagined, or both.  And that safe "place" can be a location, or it can be a person.  I think that creating a mental safe place that we can go to in difficult times is a great idea for anyone, even if you do also have *real* resources too.  Being able to touch base with a moment of calm whenever needed is such a boon.

Today, for me, I think this is about a supervision phone call.  Working as a counsellor, it is considered a necessary part of good practice to have a supervisor you go to with worries, concerns, questions, or just for a more experienced or different perspective on any issues with clients which you want to raise.  My supervisor had an accident about three weeks ago, so I haven't been able to get that support in a while.  Today I'll be speaking with the service manager, who will act as proxy supervisor until our supervisor returns.  While I'll miss J (who is a wonderful, knowledgeable and deeply caring person) it's good to have this stand-in safety net with someone else who I also know and trust.

I am grateful for all my supervisors and mentors, past, present and future.


  1. This is such a lovely card! And I was really surprised at how it relates to your situation... I hope you find a "safe place" to express your concerns. I hope that your supervisor gets better soon, but I am also sure that working with a different person will be an interesting lesson for you! <3

    Thank you for sharing this reading! I hope to get my Shapeshifter soon, but the way things are going here in Brazil I am not sure when/if it will arrive... *sigh*

  2. Hi Marina,

    Thanks, I heard from the other guy that J is feeling better and will be back at work next week, which is great. Glad you're enjoying this sneak peek at the Shapeshifters before yours arrives - hope it's soon!