Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Today we have a card from the suit of Wind (Swords) in the Mythical Goddess Tarot, the Eight - Confusion. 

While not as cheery as the cards from other days, I find this image very impactful.  The hands clutching at her head as it seems to explode with numerous mini-tournados is very evocative.  This speaks to me of the myriad worries that so often churn around in my head, the things I should have said or done, the ideas and images that I want to remember and those I'd rather forget.   This is certainly something that chimes with me, and for which I have been drawn to meditation.

I notice that the card is marked with the sign for Jupiter, and that of Gemini.  I'm not quite sure what to make of this.  As I understand it, Jupiter is a positive planet, associated with expansion and a drive for insight on all levels.  And Gemini is my own sun sign so, while I acknowledge a certain flightiness (or delight in variety), I also see the positives such as a desire to communicate and to understand (anything and everything).  I guess if we expand our desire for knowledge too quickly and too far, what we are left with may be confusion.  Perhaps what this card could indicate in such circumstances is a need for re-grouping, for allowing what has come in to settle before moving on again.

Amazingly, I have absolutely nothing planned for today.  And perhaps that's the problem, that I need a bit of structure as otherwise I shall be all over the place...

I am grateful for the reminder to meditate, and to take things slowly and purposefully.

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