Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Drawing still from the Psychic Tarot Oracle (Hay House 2009) by John Holland, today we meet his version of the Empress.

Titled "Fertility", this card speaks to our ability to manifest a heart-based energy, full of life and growth.  I love the way that her hair transforms into green-tipped branches and her heart chakra glows.  Her upper three chakras are highlighted strongly, while her entire chakra body is also encircled, though less brightly.  This suggests that when we balance all our chakras, and dwell most in the upper chakras that unite us with our inner wisdom and the wisdom of the universe, we can bring to fruition anything our heart truly desires.

Today I definitely need to tap into the fertile ground of my creativity and intellect.  On Monday, the first day of our new term, I was assigned a presentation for next Monday.  So, gotta get my skates on!  Channelling this lovely lady's energy sounds about right :)

I am grateful for the inspiration that normally strikes when most needed.


  1. I know what you mean, most of us do our best work under seems to clear out the pointless and crystallize the important. Good luck!