Saturday, 10 September 2011


After last week's reading with the vibrant Mythical Goddess Tarot by Sage Holloway & Katherine Skaggs, I decided I would use it for this week's daily cards :)

For this first day I received the beautiful Gaia, Major XXI - The World.  I love the fact that she is literally pregnant with the world, and that she sits as though meditating, peaceful and calm.  She is accompanied by a snake that cycles through the colours of the chakras, a hummingbird, and a pale blue and white butterfly.  Flowers and vines grow from and around her, and a calm body of water lies in front of her.  Though her eyes are closed, lilac flowers bloom at her third eye.

This card beautifully describes the feeling of completion and at the same time the idea of a new cycle being ready to begin, which I associate with the World card.  Gaia is peaceful, nurtured and nurturing, alive and growing, cyclical and changing, yet perfect just where she is.  I get a sense of both abundance and simplicity, energy and quiet from this figure.  She feels like an Empress figure, but taken to a higher, more spiritual level.

I have meditated every day for the last week - the first time in years I have been so consistent.  Already, I feel far calmer than last week.  And even if that changes, as there will surely always be new bumps in the road, I hope I can weather them with a degree of the equanimity shown here.

I am grateful for all the cycles in my life which are complete, and all the changes yet to come.

I am thankful for moments of peace and stillness, for feeling that all is right in the world, if only for an instant.


  1. Very pretty card! I am surprised. You know, the lady/ladies who make this deck live about 15 mins from here. I go to Fort Collins all the time. I think I even saw them in person somewhere in a store. How interesting. Small world, I guess!

    I'll have to give this deck another look--I like the earthy, vibrant feel to it. It reminds me of the goddess series I made for my friend Suzy's eco-friendly shop (Hip Mountain Mama). Here's a link to what some of those pendants looked like:

    I also just now posted the World on my blog. I guess I'd better go to bed. It's getting late.


  2. I love that this image has lilac flowers blooming at her third eye. It seems to indicate to me that it is through the last cycle that she has completed that she has gained some inner wisdom. She is now able to see past the obvious. That snake envelopes her doesn't it, showing that transformation is complete. She is now ready for the next stage. I love how those vines grow around her, again symbolising to me the adaptability that is now evident.

    What I get with this image is a sense that the figure is part of the whole. The third eye awareness shows me that she has learnt that life flows not always smoothly, and yet the way to transformation ,is to accept that and recognise that we are part of the flow. Look at her she has the ability to be part of it without actually loosing herself.

    I am grateful that each cycle in life that I complete brings me nearer to being part of the whole and yet teaches me to remain individual.

  3. I need to get myself a bra made out of a snake. It seemed to have kept Gaia rather perky!

  4. Hi MM,

    Oh, how interesting that the deck creators live right near you! And I can really see the link to your paintings :) As for having a snake bra, it might keep you perky, but I hate to think about the other possible side effects :o

  5. Hi Helen,

    Love your description, and your gratitude is inspiring! Thank you :)