Thursday, 22 September 2011

The Golden Phoenix

There are two phoenix cards in the Oracle of the Shapeshifters, the Phoenix of the Waning Moon and this Golden Phoenix.  While the other speaks of something ending, for now, here it is the moment of rebirth that we see, full of fiery energy.

The female character seems to cuddle the phoenix, and I feel like she might ride with him as he takes to the sky, holding on by his blue jewellry.  She also wears a black phoenix tattoo, the colour of the ashes from which the phoenix rises, aligning herself absolutely with the energy of light and flight.

On the surface this seems a very positive, dynamic, vibrant card: hurray, we get a second chance at something.  We can lift off, fly high, gain a new perspective.  Still, there is something in it I find worrisome.  What if we were glad to think that thing finished?  The female character's ironically raised eyebrow is a challenge: "Oh, you thought you were done with that?  Think again, you're gonna have to face it now!"

Perhaps I just notice that because there is nothing good in my life that seems over.  Instead, today I see my therapist, and I worry that we will have to revisit something painful and unpleasant that I had happily tucked away in a folder labelled "Past".  If so, I'm sure it will do me good, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

I am grateful I can tell my therapist to back off when necessary.


  1. I'm listening to a Carolyn Myss workshop in which she says we fear letting go of the lead weights we carry because by making space we let in the unknown. I'll hold your hand if you'll hold mine...

  2. Thanks, Sharyn, that's a great offer! Virtual hand-holding it is :)