Thursday, 22 September 2011

Magic Mentha's Cartoon Gummy Bear Reading

Earlier this week I decided I needed a bit of a pick-me-up.  And, I'll admit, I'm already thinking about Christmas (enough to depress anyone!)  As I start college for my final term on Monday, things are likely to get really hectic again.  And I have essays due less than two weeks before Christmas *eek*  So, if I leave thoughts of Christmas til after that, it'll be too late for the family and friends I have scattered across Europe.

Anyhow, all this to say that I went over to Magic Mentha's site and bought one of her cartoon readings, which are on special offer this September.  Mentha asked me which deck I'd like her to use, and I chose the Gummy Bear Tarot, which seemed to suit the cartoon format well. 

What you see above is my altar, with a print I laminated of Mentha's cartoon reading for me.  The reading also came with two pages of interpretation, full of Mentha's hallmark humour and wisdom.  And here to the side is a close-up of the cartoon :)

I'm thinking these cartoon readings would make a great gift for someone who is open to tarot and likes a laugh.  You know who you are, so you know what's coming, but as each one is unique it'll still be a surprise ;D

It was interesting for me to take a picture of my altar, seeing it from a slightly more objective perspective than normal.  I notice that the air and earth quadrants get a lot more focus than the fire and water sections, which probably makes sense given I'm a double Gemini (sun and ascendant) with moon in Capricorn. 

In the air quarter I have incense and holder, and also a feather in a Bast holder.  In the earth quadrant a stone, pentacle-etched box that holds more stones - palm stones, balls and tumblestones - that I choose from and hold when meditating.  Actually, I guess the fire quadrant is also pretty full, mainly due to location, and yet I see the pictures as being rather of the element of air: ideas and communication.  There's an angel card titled "Nurture" that I use as a focus for Big Boy.  A "Pele" card as I'm working on my anger issues still, and of course Mentha's reading in the middle.  The water quadrant is the weakest, with just a small, Tintagel-labyrinth-etched plate holding water.  I shall have to think what else I can put there!  Any suggestions are always gratefully received :)


  1. Oh, Chloë!

    What a wonderful blog post. I'm really touched. It made me feel so good to see this. And I like your altar. I need to set up a better one. I have a pseudo-altar in my bathroom and just a few decor pieces on top of my tarot cabinet that have no function.

    Hrm--a water thing. Interesting. I wonder what you could put besides something obvious (fountain?) ...maybe something water-themed like a small sculpture depicting something watery--mermaid?

    Anyway. I don't know. But thank you so much for your wonderful post and for enjoying the reading and sharing that with others.

    Lots of HUGS and Thanks!

  2. Hi MM,

    Glad you liked it, I meant every word :)

    As for my altar, I don't think you can tell from the pic, but it's actually a tray with handles that sits on a little folding leg thing. So, I can easily move it/hide it, and it doesn't take up much space, but sits at a nice height when I'm meditating in front of it.

    Ooh, a mermaid of some kind is a nice idea, I'll have to keep my eyes open. Though I'm not sure about it being a sculpture - might feel too earthy. Maybe a scarf, though that's kinda airy. Or maybe I'm just over-thinking this (who, me?) *ha ha*

    Lotsa hugs,

  3. That was a lovely post. And I love the cartoon reading. It's very cheery and gets the message across in a warm and subtle way. Looks good printed too.

    I have always used things like shells for the water aspect or is that too obvious. They are pretty and unique.


  4. Hi PLN,

    Of course, shells! So obvious I totally overlooked it :) Funnily enough, I have a shell wall hanging on the West facing wall of that room, just hadn't connected the two. I'll have to look for some shells from somewhere...

  5. Ha, just found a pretty shell that I had in a cupboard - nice one! On my altar it shall go :)

  6. Great idea about the sea shells! I love that. :) Sea glass would also be pretty.

  7. Beautiful altar Chloe. I love the simpler look, and am fond of decluttered and clean arrangements (almost sparse and kind of scandinavian or nordic taste if that makes sense). And the reading by Mentha is totally quirky and cool. All the best with the essays. Blessings. Monica

  8. Hi Marina,

    Yes, I'm not keen on a really cluttered altar either. Still, I found a fossilised sea creature as well as a sea shell, so both have been added. I may upload a new pic... And yes, quirky and cool describe Mentha's reading very well ;)