Thursday, 1 September 2011

Shadow Side

The Rock'n'Roll Oracle, as might be expected of the genre, is not all love and light, but is also willing to challenge us.  Today we have the Shadow Side, with some "Sympathy for the Devil" by our homegrown Rolling Stones.

What I see in this image today is the idea that we have to befriend our shadow side, acknowledge it as our own.  This isn't necessarily easy to do, after all, it's all the bits about ourselves that we don't like to admit to.  Still, they are also us.  And a lot of our energy is in that side, the part of dark passions and guilty secrets.  If we try to rid ourselves of it, we lose much that is of value.

Today I see my therapist again.  The last few weeks have been very challenging, as he encourages me to own my anger.  What I find in it is a great deal of strength and passion, as well as a strong survival instinct.  What I fear in it is my own destructiveness.  Yet I can't have one without the other.  But by allowing the anger I can hopefully control the burn, rather than just letting it rampage freely.

I am grateful for the aliveness and passion that live within me, and the ability to channel them towards things I believe in.

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