Saturday, 17 September 2011

Shapeshifters 3 Card Vlog Reading

I wanted to experiment with the format in which I do video blog readings, both in terms of on-screen presentation and camera/file format.  So, I decided to do another three card Pathway Spread, this time with the Oracle of the Shapeshifters.

First off I tried using my computer's webcam.  As it's pointed at the computer user, my face appeared and I held up cards next to me to show the images.  The image seemed OK (the lower quality was fairly kind to my wrinkles - ha ha), and it uploaded in just half an hour!  

However, having talked it over with my mother and later my Dear One, I decided I wasn't quite ready to appear on-screen myself.  I don't worry much about people finding my blog.  For one thing, I keep my Facebook page for family and friends, including tarot friends.  Business colleagues get a "Thanks, but no thanks" response to any friend requests.  Likewise, I have a purely tarot Twitter account.  Finally, although I think it's pretty obviously me if you know me, my work colleagues don't know me that well.  And they'd have to trawl through a fair bit of the blog to really be sure (well, other than some of my yoga pics, but even those could have been down-loaded from my yoga site).  Having my face up on-screen talking about tarot and oracles, on the other hand, is pretty in-your-face :D

So, that one got deleted.  Then I tried using a different camera, an older one which I thought might be less high quality and so quicker to load.  The quality is less (you can only go up to 480, instead of HD), but it still took nearly six hours to upload to Youtube :d'oh:  It was also evening by this time, so the lighting isn't great.  I think in future I'll try doing them in the room with the webcam, as the light was nice there.  The background is the sumptuous gold-silk lining of the AniaM reading cloth I used in the last vlog - talk about a great twofer!  Anyhow, you can find the result HERE.

I think I'll go back to my first format for future vlogs.  The camera is easy to use, the quality is good, and I'll just have to accept the up-load time.  My next problem is I need a sign-off.  Saying "Bye!" is pretty lame *blush*  Any suggestions?


  1. Laugh!

    There's nothing wrong with saying 'bye'. I thought you sounded natural but fairly poised. I definitely want to try it now, too. I wonder what i'd do? I wish I was better at making videos--doing crazy video editing things. That's more my brother's domain. He's teaching video editing at a college (along with English, etc)...

    You know, the lower quality actually is moody. I kind of like it for this deck, since the cards were pretty moody. It works somehow.
    Hugs and thanks for the vlog!

  2. Hi MM,

    I'd love to see you do a vlog, that'd be a lot of fun! And you can always ask your brother for a few quick tips and tricks. Even youtube has some settings so you can add effects to the vids, like sepia etc. Did you see the little speech bubble I added to this one to give my on-line contacts? Looks pretty silly, but that was also done directly from youtube.

    As for the lower quality moodiness, I think that was mainly to do with the lighting, as this was done in the evening without natural light... Another thing to play with, I guess :)


  3. Chloë,

    I just did a three minute video blog but I'm not sure how long it'll take it upload or even if it turned out OK. Putting it on my computer now to see. I imagine the quality won't be that great but that's OK.

    Personally, I thought the pop up bubble with your website addie was a great touch!