Sunday, 4 September 2011

Spirit Guide Reading

Following my little rant this morning, I thought it would be a good idea to try out a spread created by Helen over at Tarot Notes Major and Minor, which I've had my eye on since she first wrote about it.  So, I took out my Mythical Goddess Tarot, by Sage Holloway & Katherine Skaggs and asked:

If my guide could only tell me one thing, what would it be?  8 of Seas - Depletion

My spirit guide wants me to recognise how run down I am, depleted by emotion, depleted of emotion.  I have cried every day since Tuesday about this situation with Big Boy.  Like the image on this card, I feel I have no tears left, no desire left to cry.  I am beached and exhausted, unable to connect with any emotion other than the sadness that has poured out of me.


Why do I need to know this?  2 of Fire - Centering

I need to know this so that I can refocus my energies, centre myself, and re-energise myself.  I need to get in touch with something life-giving again, with a sense of purpose and faith in life.  Until I recognise the sense of emotional depletion in myself, I may not be willing to take the steps necessary to remedy it.  For one thing, this image seems to suggest meditating...  For another, I was drawn to do this reading with a Goddess deck - an indication that I need some spiritual sustenance to help pull me through.

How do I go about putting this message into action in my life?  XVI - Pele - Purifier
I have to be willing to burn away what isn’t working, to create fertile ground for something new.  The suggestion I see is that I need to allow the anger that has built up in me some way out.  Like the volcanic lava of the image, if I don't let it out in a controlled way it will explode, and me with it.  The way she holds her hands out, palms up, makes me think of surrendering.  I need to surrender my emotions to Spirit, knowing they will be accepted, no matter what they are.  Perhaps, also, I need to surrender my dreams.  Like I've written before, hope is a double-edged sword, and my dreams sometimes cut me deeply because I know they are never going to come true...

I have to admit to finding this card, in particular, a little difficult to interpret - what course of action to see in the Tower?  Any suggestions would be gratefully received.


  1. Wow...intense reading!

    These cards are very interesting. I've never heard of them. I also apologize for being a couple days behind in reading your blog. I've felt under the weather and my eyes were not quite working right so I didn't read as much as usual.

    I am so sorry about your incredible stress. I also find it interesting that you got my daughter's card (Pele)...which has been a sort of mixed blessing name-wise. The intensity, the moodiness...she certainly has taught me the message and important of release (both through the seizures and through the sheer intensity of her personality).

    In any event, please feel free to vent to me any time! I've had lava spewed at me before.

  2. Hi MM,

    They're a bit non-traditional, but I rather like them. Hmm, thinking about it I haven't got many decks I don't like - must be a tarot slut ;) Anyhow, I think I'll use them for my daily cards next week :)

    It's funny you mention it, I did think of you and Pele when I saw that card. I've heard it suggested we are each given a name that we then live up to... Pele might be quite fiery/moody, but I imagine she's also going to turn out to be creative and strong :)

    Big Boy's name means fair-haired warrior. We chose it before he was even born. And he's certainly a fighter...

    Big hugs,

  3. I think that last card is trying to tell you that you can purify or remove this mind set you find yourself in by connecting again to the spiritual, surrendering yourself to your higher knowledge. Allow those who guide you to help heal you too. But you can only do this if you do it willingly.

    Both your previous cards show you that your guides know how emotionally drained you are and that they feel you need to be aware that the need to regain some equilibrium is important to your well being. They seem to be saying to me to do this look to us and we will encompass you with our healing energy for we are part of your life force (that radiant energy that is shown in this image) - they say very loud and clearly its time to replace old beliefs, thoughts or actions rebuild from within and with their guidance start again.

  4. Hi Helen,

    Thanks for those suggestions, they make a lot of sense. And I really liked what you said about the radiant energy being healing energy from my guides - feels very nurturing.

    Best wishes,