Tuesday, 27 September 2011


On this misty Tuesday, the card I've drawn from the Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck by John Holland is titled "Truth".

This is the author's reworking of the Judgement card, and what a difference there is!  A heavily-robed figure stands with his back to us on one plate of a set of scales.  In front of him we see the other plate, and beyond that an arch leading to a starry sky.  The scales hint at the myth of Ma'at, the Egyptian deity said to weigh our hearts after we die to see if we have been pure of intention, and thus worthy of a happy afterlife.  We cannot see what is on the other side of the scales, but it seems to balance with the figure in the foreground.  Whew, no getting eaten by a crocodile god, then :)

What I see here, then, is the suggestion that truth, honesty and integrity are the path to new horizons, to our own Higher Self.  It makes me think of the saying that the truth will set us free.

Today I see counselling clients.  This reminds me that truth is so very subjective, and often not easy to face.  And yet, owning our own truth is paramount if we are to feel empowered and connected in our lives.

I am grateful for the willingness to face hard truths, with the support of kind others.


  1. This makes me think of the sign of Libra (for obvious reasons!) and all the Libra birthdays right now. Planning my husband's birthday party which is in a couple weeks. I was just remarking how many Libras I know!

  2. That is a great interpretation of Judgement. Really like this deck, thank you for posting about it.

    Do you ever use Tarot in your work with counselling clients? Might be a silly question, I'm not sure if it is legally allowed?

  3. OMG.

    Monica, my husband wanted to know the same thing. Haha, Chloë, just today my hubby asked if you would ever consider using tarot in psychotherapy and I responded that it probably generally wasn't unless there was some sort of specific workshop that combined the two--but so far I've not heard of it. :)

  4. OMG Mentha, my partner is a double libra (sun/moon). I was gonna mention that when you wrote about the birthday party, but let's just allow the synchronicities to flow... on Chloe's blog ha ha!!

    Keeping to the topic (!), I am aware Juliet Sharman Burke is a psychotherapist/tarot reader/tarot creator but I am not sure how she mixes counselling and tarot within the legal boundaries. xx

  5. You gals! ;D
    I didn't pick up on the Libra thing at all - not many in my life for some reason...

    As for mixing tarot and counselling or psychotherapy, a number of tarotists add in counselling skills to their repertoire and sessions. However, doing it the other way round is a much harder call. There is a guy called Dr. Art Rosengarten who is a psych Ph.D. and wrote about it: http://www.amazon.com/Tarot-Psychology-Arthur-Ph-D-Rosengarten/dp/1557787840 Mostly, though, it's considered "not the done thing". My tutors and supervisors mainly know that I'm into it, but say it's fine to use archetypal knowledge, but no bringing a deck into sessions. Funnily enough, my first ever client had been a priestess and tarot reader, too! Still, until I actually qualify I can't really bring that much of a challenge to the orthodoxy...

  6. Hah!

    Monica, my husband is a double libra TOO! I guess they like the feisty fire ladies. He's got his Sun in Libra, Moon in Scorpio and Rising Libra. Also Mars in Libra (Merc in Scorpio)...how funny!


    I figured as much. I am not a counselor (obviously) but I play one on TV. Just kidding on that, but I've been to sooooooo many counselors that I keep thinking one day I'll get some sort of honorary degree in it? I've been going to counselors since I was 5 years old. My current counselor (who I haven't seen for a year and may go back to because I'm pretty anxious again lately) seems interested in tarot but she herself does not practice it in sessions (it goes against the whole detached thing, I know) although I admit I've given HER a tarot reading or two. I know this also violates the confidentiality thing...anyway.

    Hah. :D

  7. Hi MM,

    Well, most counsellors I know were counsellees first :) And you have to be in counselling while you train, as well as the self-reflective understanding it gives you being important to working in this field. So, I'd say if you did ever want to get some counselling qualification, you'd be well set for it. And if not, you are probably already putting some of those skills and insights to work in your tarot readings, in any case :) Good luck if you do decide to go back into counselling, it can be such a boon when you're going through a time of anxiety...