Friday, 23 September 2011

Two Kittens

What sadness in the eyes of this character, as she cuddles two fluffy persian kittens to her!  The Oracle of the Shapeshifters today challenges us to make a choice, and it doesn't look like it'll be an easy one :(

There are so many choices in life from what we want to eat, to what we want to do, from who we want to be with to who we want to be.  However, having to choose between two such gorgeous kitties seems downright cruel, and what happens to the one who isn't chosen?

Today and tomorrow, the company I work for is trying to make an important decision about the future direction we want to take.  This choice has been brewing for quite some time, and isn't going to be easy.

I am grateful that really tough choices don't come up every day.


  1. That's a pretty hard hitting choice card, isn't it? Put's the Lovers to shame!


  2. Yeah, you wouldn't have thought this deck could be so tough, right :)

  3. That's a gorgeous card, and I don't envy her the choice. However lovely this card is, apart from the choice factor which is obvious, because of her look and the writing at the bottom - it does bring home the idea that in making choices in life one always has to relinquish something else, not necessarily what they would want. For example in choosing to commit to a relationship one has to give up the idea of totally being free.

    I like the card, my only complaint is that it lacks deep symbolism in its image like some of the others - so here we only look at one aspect choice.

    My gratitude based on this card might be - I am grateful that it is through the tough choices I may have to make that I grow in more than one way.

  4. Hi Helen,

    I agree completely about the difficulyt of choices, as every yes also entails a no.

    However, I don't quite agree about the lack of symbolism. I notice, for example, the blue stone at her throat, hinting at the throat chakra and the problem of communicating clearly, and knowing your own mind. There's also something for me in the similarity and yet difference between the two kittens. They are quite similar, and yet there are differences there, and also one kitten seems more like the female character. Do we choose what is closer to home, or what is more different and exotic? There are benefits and issues with either type of choice.

    I see the little black hairbands on her head and think of scattered thoughts or structure. And the black hearkens back to your point of having to mourn that which we don't choose...

    Anyhow, really like your gratitude - I'm all for growth!

  5. I like all the things you have listed and I stand corrected ^__^