Monday, 26 September 2011

The Waiting Game

For this Monday, my first day back at college for my last term of the taught part of a Masters in Psychotherapy and Counselling, I have drawn the Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck's equivalent to the Two of Wands.

This is a fascinating take on this concept, so often associated with being at a cross-roads, or considering how to put something into action.  John Holland's card suggests that sometimes such choices are a matter of waiting for the right time.  Which begs the question: "How do we know when that time is?"

I also like the symbolic association: our roots are in the past; our green, leafy branches of new growth are in the future.  And around it all, different possible paths which echo the passage of planets, or magnetic lines of force.  We make our choices, choose our destinies, and yet we are also influenced by forces far greater than us, beyond our control.

For today, I am waiting to see if Big Boy is well enough to go to school.  I am waiting, too, to see how things will be with my new course tutor.  Sor far, through having been taught a different subject by her last year and through her emails in the run up to this term, I am not very impressed :/

I am grateful for the choices in my life that I am able to make.


  1. It's nice to see this deck on here. I got it from my parents last Christmas and it is such a beautiful (and humble) deck. Great art, which often goes unnoticed by most. I also love this card. Great imagery.


  2. you know the saying "those who can, do, those who can't, teach". Many times we have to be better than our instructors which is too bad. Best wishes, Sharyn

  3. I also like this deck. Don't have it but I've seen it on a shelf at a store before but had no idea if it was worth getting but now I'm tempted (though not this year!) I hope everything comes to a satisfactory conclusion for you this week.


  4. Hi PLN,

    Interesting to hear an artist's perspective on the art, as I see things I like, but have little knowledge of technical questions or even the more philosophical side of art appreciation. All that to say, I love the art in this deck, too ;)

    Hi Sharyn,

    Well, it actually went better than I expected with the tutor. Our approaches are quite different, but she was very open to debate and discussion. As for the "doing/teaching" dichotomy, I've never really agreed with that. I think it takes a particular skill set to be a good teacher, though I guess it doesn't have to be the same skill set as that required in the doing. Still, if I think of my worst teachers, they neither knew their subject well, nor how to teach!

    Hi MM,

    Ah, terrible temptation strikes again :D Thanks for your positive thoughts :)

    Hope you all had a good Monday,