Friday, 23 September 2011

Weekly Vlog for 24th September

I will try to make a general video reading a weekly feature here on the blog - you'll find this week's Oracle of the Shapeshifters reading here.  (Just realised I've been accidentally directing people to the edit section, that's been corrected now *d'oh*)

Still on a learning curve, that's for sure.  This time I got creative with speech bubbles, as I spent a while "setting the scene", which would be fine except all you had to look at was a pretty golden back-drop (thanks to AniaM's reading cloth) and an amethyst ball.  Hope I wasn't too irreverent...

I have also just given my Inner Whispers website a complete overhaul, hopefully making it easier to navigate.

To celebrate these two things, I am offering a special on video readings  - one third off between now and Halloween!  Video readings follow this kind of format, but with more details, affirmations or other suggestions, and of course a private link so only the purchaser can see it.  If you particularly want me to use one of the decks you've seen me read with, just mention that and I'll be happy to do so :)


  1. I like the bubbles--very cute. Like the backdrop, too. The reading itself was quite empowering which is great! :) I don't know why I stopped doing videos. I'm sure I'll do it again but I admit I've been in a funk. Probably PMS. Perhaps I'll do something goofily Halloween-themed soon. :)

  2. Hi MM,

    Glad you found the reading empowering - good cards this time :)

    Ooh, I was thinking about goofy Halloween stuff just the other day, in terms of a cartoon reading. Now I'm thinking for a Halloween video I could do readings with a couple of Halloween decks, with some kind of orange/pumpkin backdrop... We don't normally decorate for Halloween, as it's not done much round here, but that does sound like fun! I imagine you go all out - given you've already got some Halloween decorations up ;)