Saturday, 29 October 2011

Bark or Bite?

This week, in the run-up to Halloween, I have chosen a themed deck: the All Hallows Tarot by Robin Tisch-Hollister, published by Leisa ReFalo of Tarot Connections.  The deck features goths, ghosts, mediums... and an additional "Happy Squirrel" card :)

I really like this playful deck!  Today I have drawn the Seven of Wands, which shows one dog defending his sticks from another dog, standing atop a pile of leaves.  This is quite different from traditional RWS imagery, which often shows just one person fending off six attacking rods, but with no sign of the people wielding them.  As the "attackers" aren't visible, and given that there are some numerological systems which see sevens as being about internal conflict or transition, I often read the Seven of Wands as being about feeling under attack, but that the situation may not be as bad as you feel it is, or the attacks may be more imagined than real.  Here, though, the second dog is right there, snarling at the "king of the castle".  Yet the extra sticks are on the floor by his side.  So, who is the aggressor, who is the winner, and if it comes to a tussle, whose bite is worse than his bark?

Today we are going to have a "tipical espanish" lunch with friends - cocido asturiano, a stew of chickpeas, meat, carrot and cabbage.  Should be delicious, and good fun, too.  That is, assuming I get the chance to eat anything.  Sometimes Big Boy gets really stubborn (he is a Cappie, after all), and if he decides he doesn't like where we are, it doesn't matter that the rest of us are enjoying good food and better company, he'll express his displeasure loudly and forcefully.  So, I hope this card is more about my Dear One and my friend's partner discussing bikes or music, as that's much more just bark.

I am grateful that not everything has to be an alpha contest.


  1. I like your interpretation of the Seven of Wands. I think that makes sense, as I think when anyone defends anything they're often overly defensive and touchy about the subject they're defending, usually overly so. I know I'm like that, and I've noticed most others are, too.

    The food sounds delicious! Mmm. I've been eating a lot of soup the past couple of days (Mexican, not Spanish, though) in the form of chicken tortilla soup topped with avocado, lime and tortilla strips. Yum. I demolished a giant pot of it in a couple days as I have been fighting off some strange sinus issue.

    Hope BB doesn't have trouble with the location and you manage to get some good grub and time to relax in. Today we're going to look at a few houses so the realtor can see what kind of place we're interested in. I'm bringing my parents along so they can distract Pele while we look. She will love it, but because she tends to get overwhelmed easily and hyperactive, it'll be good to have someone to interact with her so we have time to look around.

    Here's hoping your weekend is a happy one!

    Un Abrazo,

  2. LOL! Sounds like a game of wits to me. Yours against his.

  3. Hi MM,

    Interesting that you read this as being defensive, as I generally associate that more with the Nine of Wands. With the Seven I think more of feeling combative or put-upon. Still, you're quite right that both of those can be expressed in defensiveness.

    Your soup sounds delicious too! We had a really nice time and BB behaved himself pretty well, though we did have to eat in shifts...

    Hope the house hunting is off to a good start :)


  4. Hi Arwen,

    Hmm, what does it mean if I lose a game of wits with a not-quite-four-year-old? :D