Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Barn Dance

Today the Prairie Tarot is throwing a barn dance :)

I find a real charm in the costumes these women wear.  I think because they remind me of Doris Day in "Calamity Jane".  Eek - showing my age again!  Not that I was alive when it was filmed, but I did watch it as a kid, whereas I doubt they show that kind of thing much these days...

Actually, I don't remember any "injun women" in Calamity Jane, they weren't yet that PC.  Still, the notion of tolerance and sharing in celebrations is a good one.  Celebrating together is a great way of cementing friendships and creating a sense of commonality and community.

In the run up to Samhain, this makes me think of the way different groups celebrate this holiday.  It's not quite the same: after all, different people call it by different names.  And yet, the very fact of celebrating something with similar roots together feels like it would be a positive thing.  Whether it be the Mexican Dia de los Muertos, the Continental European All Saints Day, or the American Halloween, all acknowledge this as a festival to honour the dead, be that seen as spooky or just as a celebration of our ancestors.

I am grateful for the reminder of past joys, and future celebrations.


  1. I'm half Mexican, and my dad always did 'Day of the Dead' things with us. Decorating sugar skulls, that sort of thing. He had a shrine, which he still enjoys doing at times. Even though he's largely secular (though I think he dabbled in astrology and tarot once upon a time, but he's definitely more 'scientific' now)...

    I find it interesting that my family was raised secular but 2/3 of us are really into tarot. I guess you just can't knock down the spiritual thing completely.

    Happy Halloween/Day of the Dead/All Soul's Day, etc.

    Hugs Galore,

  2. Hi MM,

    I'm really hoping you'll do another video, if only to show us all your Halloween decorations. Given how many were up when it was still only September I imagine you putting on a fine show :)

    It is curious how the spiritual comes out in different ways and at different times within families. My family were all raised pretty secular, too. Still, I have an uncle who used to be into the CND and Greenpeace, and is now a fervent Christian. It's like, whatever he believes in he does so to the max. And one of my brothers went to Tibet for a year, and was thinking of becoming a buddhist monk, but the call of sex was too strong (he was only 22 at the time) ;)

    I don't talk much about tarot to most of my family, except my mum who is very accepting of it - she had three decks back in the 1970's, and taught me to use a pendulum and read coffee grinds!

    Anyhow, it seems a bit early to say Happy Halloween, but I'll be thinking it.

    Huge hugs,