Friday, 7 October 2011

Buttoned Up

For this last day with the Prairie Tarot, by Robin Ator, we are faced with a rather buttoned-up High Priestess.

What a contrast to yesterday's Star card!  Not only does she wear uncomfortable-looking clothes that cover her from neck to toes, but she stands behind a cloth-covered table, with drapes above her and pillars behind.  There is a strange suggestion, though, that these pillars and drapes give out onto a lake and sky, or perhaps it's just a painted wall.  She holds her hand over a glowing crystal ball, and her wire-rimmed glasses reflect its light, hiding her eyes from us.  Her hair is pinned up in a tight bun - very schoolmarm-ish  Once again, that sense of hiddenness, coveredness.

I guess the covering up of secrets might be something the High Priestess knows a lot about, though I associate her more with keeping silent than with actively hiding things.  The magical glow of her crystal ball and glasses lends an air of the paranormal to this image.  Somehow, I associate that more with Victorian parlour tricks than with deep knowing.  Altogether, this isn't an image of the High Priestess which I warm to, though it's normally one of my favourite cards in most decks.

Still, today I would like a little of her insight, her seeing beyond the apparent.  I have to write a verbatim - a report of what went on in a client session.  Normally, I try to do these as soon as possible after the session, but I've been too ill to focus.  So now I need to cast my mind back and see the session in my mind's eye.  I hope this High Priestess will be willing to lend her help in this endeavour.

I am grateful for the marvels of memory.

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