Monday, 3 October 2011

Daily Draw 3rd October with the Rock'n'Roll Oracle

David Rosenhaus, the creator of the Rock'n'Roll Oracle, is trying to get funding to publish his lovely deck with a Kickstarter Project.  Pledging to his project can not only act as a pre-order for one of these sets of cards, but can also net you other goodies, as well as supporting an independent deck creator!

David also set up a competition for ideas of what to do to promote the project.  My suggestion was to do video draws with it, where you could put the appropriate track as backing music to the reading.  Then I decided, why not give it a try myself!  So, after a quick foray into overlaying a second audio track onto a clip I was good to go.

This deck really is fun, and I hope that shows in this reading, the perfect way to start a Monday morning :)  I'll definitely be following the advice of this card to Take It Easy, as I have a presentation to give at University.  More relaxation, less waffling!


  1. Fun reading. :) Nice effect with the song in the background. I hope you're able to relax some.

    It's therapeutic to watch your readings. I admit I'm in a 'mood' and something about this reading was helpful.


  2. Hi MM,

    Well, the presentation went fairly well, though it didn't help that it was so hot people were struggling not to fall asleep (I'm sure it was that and not me talking *ha ha*).

    Glad the reading helped in some way, and hope your mood has improved.