Sunday, 9 October 2011

Daily Draw 8th October

Well, this video gave me a fair bit of trouble.  I realised after I'd recorded it that the card was in a patch of glare throughout *d'oh*  So, I decided to try something a bit different.  I'd been thinking about experimenting with stills to highlight particular features of the card/s in the reading.  And in this case it was that or bin the lot!

First time round, I tried adding in long stills and doing a voice-over for them, but that felt very disjointed.  That attempt went in the trash *roll eyes*  Now, with this version, the stills are brief and with only background music, which I think works alright.  Let me know what you think...

As for my take on the card, what comes to me now, in terms of myself, is somewhat different to what I spoke about on the video.  I have two pieces of work that need to be finished by this evening.  I could moan about having been ill (quite true) and not having been able to give them the time and energy I would have liked.  While it's a fact that I spent a couple of days unable to focus on anything that required sustained concentration, it's also true that I managed to do this video.  So, perhaps I also need to own my responsibility, as well as my empowerment.  Hmm, some tough love necessary today, and a bit of hard work.


  1. I really like your videos. And I thought that the details in the cards being shown was really effective. If I had any suggestions for improvement, I would only mention that the music was a little distracting. Maybe something a bit calmer would work better? Just my opinion of course. I hope it doesn't come across as offensive as I think you do a great job with presenting these.


  2. Hi PLN,

    Thanks for the comment, and I'm not offended at all! I did worry the music was a bit busy, but I also really like it and think it's quite "strong", which was the message of the card. So, maybe I need to have it on quieter, or choose something less powerful so it doesn't detract from everything else going on. Good to get feedback, and glad you like the videos overall :)


  3. Yes, definitely like your videos overall. I am not so confident that I'd be able to do something like that, so find them very inspiring and interesting to watch.

  4. Well, I find them a lot of fun to do - maybe you should give it a try! Given your artistic bent, you'd probably come up with some great ideas :)