Sunday, 2 October 2011

Deal or No Deal

Today's card from the Prairie Tarot is one which also came up in the Interview - the Six of Pentacles.

The man on the horse is holding out his hand, as if to shake on a deal, while the man standing in front of him keeps his hands in his pockets.  Are they still negotiating, with Horse Cowboy trying to close, while Standing Man still isn't sure if he'd be getting his money's worth?  This makes me wonder about the value we put on things, which is so very subjective despite what advertisers would have us believe.

I value my family time, and my me time.  When I started looking into training as a counsellor I was shocked by the fact that the majority of courses take place over weekends.  I guess I can understand that if people have to work as well as study, weekend courses make sense for them.  However, given that my work schedule is erratic and fairly flexible, I far prefer to keep my weekends for family and fun (though fun does sometimes include working on presentations, like today).  Given that my Dear One works a normal week, and the Big Boy goes to nursery, there's no way I could manage studying at weekends!

I am grateful to have found a good course which takes place during the week, allowing me to enjoy my weekends especially when they are as sunny and warm as this one.


  1. In the 40 plus years of our marriage Rob and I have had the same or close-ish schedules about 2 years maybe. Weird life, gotta be strong :)
    Good luck on your continuing education!

  2. Hi Sharyn,

    My, that kind of challenge to a relationship is a real testament to how strong it is: congratulations!


  3. I love your blog. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and interpretations on tarot. :)

  4. Hi Whispering Path,

    Thanks, that's very kind of you to say. And it's nice to *meet* you! I look forward to checking in on your tarot blog, which I've added to my blog roll :)