Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Magic Mentha has managed to infect me with her My Divination addiction!  It really is an amazing, if somewhat dangerous, site.  Here is a cute little spread with an even cuter deck :)  I was asking about what I need to consider in deciding whether or not to continue in psychotherapy.  The interpretations given are:

Not only  

You need a natural ending point to enable you to move on 

But Also   

Gift of joy, new found happiness. Love in all its forms

I guess what I take from this is that I need to get to the end of this term.  After that, with less stress (readings, presentations, essays) I may be able to refind my joy in this work, which can be emotionally taxing, but is also a work of love.

Any interpretations are welcome :)


  1. Isn't it crazily addictive?

    I love the variety of weird decks they have on there, and the equally weird spreads. And there's the button where you click it and it just pulls up a random deck and random spread for you.

    The Hello, Tarot really is adorable. I like your reading and I agree with your interpretation. You have to let the semester end before you renew any appreciation for it. I totally agree with that.

    When finishing my art degree after going three straight years with only a short break between each trimester, I found myself hating art for a while. It was hilarious. Your comment about wanting to quit reminded me of when I graduated-that same year I actually strongly considered (and was accepted) into massage therapy school because I never wanted to do art again.

    I changed my mind later when I moved here and started teaching art classes. Now again after doing 300+ hand-painted jewelry pieces I have not wanted to do art since, but I know it'll come around again. A person just gets burnt out on things but their faith in the subject gets renewed after some time passes.

    Addictive Hugs,

  2. Hi MM,

    I'm glad you don't think my interpretation is too off base :) And thanks for sharing your art experiences. I agree, burnout can be a real problem. I know some people who've had it with tarot, too, though I always hope that by using different decks, and oracles also, I can steer clear of that!

    Healthy Hugs,

  3. Love that spread, I often draw 2 cards a day and this is a way to bring some kind of focus point to them.

  4. Hi Saidenne,

    Yes, I like putting positional meanings on spreads, even little two card ones. As you say, it helps focus things. The My Divination site offers quite a few different two card spreads - worth checking out :D