Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Fabulous Four

The Tarot leaf that blows across the computer screen today is the Four of Pentacles.

What I see in this card is a cross being held down by four pentacles, creating a certain stability despite the fact that the leaf appears blown away - not staying all within the borders of the card.  This makes me think of a quite positive reading of the Four of Pentacles: that gathering physical resources can be a way to anchor ourselves when feeling somewhat unstable.  I also adore the colours here, the autumnal yellow/orange/apricot/pink of the card, the wise, illuminated violet of the pentacles, and the blue of pentacle-etching and cross, representative of being able to communicate.  Perhaps, bringing these together, this says something about being encouraged to honestly communicate our physical and spiritual needs when times are hard.  Or maybe to value what we have in this season of harvest before the hardships of winter. 

 Certainly, it feels like a message to me to appreciate the physical and material positives in my life, to enjoy and appreciate what abundance I find.  Today both my Dear One and I are feeling much recovered from our ills.  And we have someone coming to take care of Big Boy, while we go to the cinema and have dinner out - blessings indeed!

I am grateful for the people in my life who anchor me, by giving me a break from time to time, and by being the best of friends.


  1. Hope you continue to have good health and sanity. Have a great time at your movie! :)

  2. Hi MM,

    We didn't make it to the cinema in the end, but are still having a nice, relaxing afternoon and evening :)

    Hope things are calmer for you, too?


  3. Oh, that's too bad but it's good that you still were able to relax. ;) I promise I won't suggest anything naughty. At least for a day or two.

    Well, things are calmer, I think, but still weird. Today we found out we have to wait to submit our loan request for my husband's 401k (to get money for a house downpayment).

    At first it freaked me out because I thought it meant his request was rejected and that's the last thing we need--but then he said it was a good news/bad news thing because he merely had to fill out more paperwork and his 401k went up another three thousand dollars. So we could end up benefiting from this turn of events.


  4. Hi MM,

    Ha, no need to suggest naughtiness ;D

    Weird with the 401k! Still, it would be great if it means more money, even if it does entail more paperwork. And at least you don't have to fill it in ;)