Sunday, 23 October 2011


The Today's Journey Tarot takes a novel approach to the Majors, redefining them to a large extent.  That is apparent in today's card, equivalent to Strength, though perhaps less so than in some of the other cards.

Seeing this man focused and disciplined, preparing himself for a feat of strength, I am reminded that we are often our own worst enemies when it comes to getting things done.  He is taming his inner doubts, training his body, and tapping into his own energy.  I like this as an expression of Strength!

As for me, today I need to control my desire to lose myself on the interwebs, surfing Facebook and reading blogs.  Instead, a little focus and discipline are called for, as I have a lot to do.  Tomorrow I'm at college all day, and then have supervision in the evening.  Then on Tuesday we head off for a family holiday for six days.  I still plan to blog, though I may not always have time to reply to comments as quickly as I'd like - there's no internet where we're staying, so I'll have to make forays to the local Starbucks for a connection!

I am grateful for the reminder that focusing my own mind is sometimes the hardest task I face.


  1. interesting deck, will have to check it out. i like the this take on the strength card too. best wishes for the week ahead!

  2. He looks like the Chariot driver who has lost his transport :) Have a great vacation!

  3. Hi Sharyn,

    Oh, I hadn't noticed that, but now you say it, it seems obvious. How interesting, like inner strength is harnessing all the chariot's energy without needing to be outward focused...

    Thanks, we'll certainly try to have a good time :)