Monday, 3 October 2011

Get Back On The Horse

I absolutely adore today's card, in a weird way.  Not that I'm generally a friend of the Tower card, but the Prairie Tarot has such a novel take on it!

A rider is tossed from his horse.  What a simple image and yet... This so perfectly captures the Tower aspect of a sudden, jolting shock that completely upsets our calm passage through life. 

Freud used to talk about the human psyche being like a horse and rider, the horse being our primal self, our id, and the rider being our ego, directing things, but needing the power and energy of the id to get where it wants to go.  This fits with the traditional association of our ego taking a knock and having to refind our footing.  It also adds a different spin on this card's energy.  Instead of it being something from the outside that shatters our sense of understanding the world, it could be we ourselves who create the situation.  Interesting thought...

On a different tack, when I was a child I used to go horse riding.  I did the whole going in early to groom and saddle the horses, and staying after to curry and feed them thing.  I loved the smell of stables, and used to eat some of the horse feed pellets.  Then one day I got tossed.  I wore a riding hat, but still, I took a serious knock.  So much so that I suffered amnesia.  Not really badly, I've just never remembered the fall, nor the next 10 minutes or so of my life.  From my perspective I "woke up" in the back of my mum's car.  From her perspective, I had been walking around, talking, asking for a tissue for my nosebleed.  I can't remember if I ever rode that horse again, certainly I stopped haunting the stables.  Decades later I decided to try riding again, but the joy was gone, the time was past, I couldn't refind that person.

In the meantime, though, I have found other passions, other joys, other things I am willing to dedicate myself to.  At the time, the loss of my joy in horseriding completely changed my life: who I thought I was, and what I spent my time and energy on.  In the long run, though, I realise that it was simply a change, not good not bad.

I am grateful for the ability to adapt to changing circumstances, no matter how hard it may feel in the moment.


  1. Not familiar with this deck and I LOVE this card! What a pity you lost your horsey mojo along the way though - who knows it might come back to you! Perhaps the wee man might like a trot on a pony?

    I love how you've woven this altogether - great blog post!

    Ali x

  2. Hi Ali,

    Glad you like this card, too, it's one of the ones which sold me on the deck :) As for horsey mojo, I don't think it'll ever be what it was. However, I am planning for the wee man to be introduced - he has to wait three more months, til he's a really Big Boy of four ;)

    Chloë x