Friday, 21 October 2011

Ghosts and Ghoulies Spread

I loved Helen's (of Tarot Notes Major and Minor) idea of using a Halloween Spread.  However, her spread this year didn't really chime with me, so I decided to design one of my own :)

The positions are:

1) The Ghoul - what is the fear or issue at the centre of the question?

2) The Zombie - what deadens you - stops you acting?

3) The Vampire - what revives you - will help you overcome this?

4) The Ghost - what lesson can you learn from the past?

5) The Jack-o-Lantern - what lights your way into the future?

I'll post my own reading with it on the 31st.  In the meantime, why not give it a whirl?


  1. Hi PLN,

    Thanks :) I like designing spreads, and this one was definitely fun. Looking forward to trying it out ;)


  2. Nice Spread Chole! - Sorry you didn't like mine, it does delve deep this year and is not so light hearted as most. But sometimes it is good to explore those darker sides of the self.

    I may have to give yours a try out too! ^__^

  3. Hi Helen,

    My main problem with your spread was the "what is buried" position. I've always had trouble with this sort of thing. There was someone on TABI who often read with a "what do you not know" position, and gave great readings. Whenever I tried it, even for a querent and not just for myself, I got completely stuck! I guess that is all the more reason why I should try it... OK, I will try to do a reading with your spread :)

    Another minor gripe is that the layout doesn't feel intuitive to me - for instance, the heart of the matter isn't at the centre of the spread. Probably just that I'm a bit too literal sometimes *d'oh*

    In any case, I'm very much looking forward to seeing what you make of your spread - you always make the interpretations seem clear, as well as profound.

  4. Hi Chole if you don't like my layout, then please feel free to change it.

    I think with the What is buried position, it really does mean getting in touch with yourself and allowing that inner knowledge to reveal to you something you automatically don't want to see or acknowledge.

    Don't force yourself to do the spread if it doesn't gel with you or some part of you really doesn't want to know what it is that is buried. ^_^