Monday, 24 October 2011


The Today's Journey Tarot shows us its take on the Eight of Air (Swords) today. 

I love this depiction.  Actually, in a strange way I think the Eight of Swords is often a make-or-break card for me in any deck.  It's the card that sold me on the Anna K Tarot, for example (the link takes you to the card and it's meaning).  Not that I like the energy of the Eight of Swords, but perhaps that it resonates with me nonetheless.

Here, someone has locked herself in her home.  She's dressed in grey, representing the negativity and fear she feels.  Outside, if she would just glance through her window, it's a beautiful, sunny day and people are flying in a hot air balloon above verdant fields.  Instead, she stays curled up on her sofa, with six locks (I guess eight just didn't fit on the door) between her and the ouside world.

This is a great depiction of being trapped by your own thoughts and fears.  She could get up at any time, open the door and go out into the world, but her own pessimism and prejudices won't allow it.

As for me, today I'm back at college.  After last week, I wonder whether this card actually recommends that sometimes it's better to keep things locked up.  Generally, that's not my take on this card, or on life.  And I know that I have been keeping things locked up, perhaps too much - that may be why I exploded last week.  However, I worry that if I have another blow up my tutor might consider it a reason to fail me :(

I am grateful for the reminder to think carefully about whether or not to hide myself away from the world.


  1. One of my favourite Eight of swords is the Druid Craft's one but this is a nice depiction too, it seems to be suggesting either keeping the world at bay or being locked away from it, one being a conscious choice and the other being a victim to your thoughts.

    I think regardless of whatever it is the 8 of Swords does remind us that once we discover it is how we use our thoughts that frees us or traps us , then liberation from a situation is far easier than first thought.

    I am grateful to be reminded that it is the power of my thoughts that create my world for me.

  2. A really great post and I love that 8 of Swords. Such a good representation. Reminds me of myself as a kid, hiding away and feeling blue, rather than going and joining in with the other children.

    I'm enjoying seeing what comes up with this deck!


  3. Hi Helen,

    How interesting, I hadn't really thought of the "keeping the world at bay" aspect of this card, just seeing the trapped side. Perhaps because the world outside her window looks so nice to me...

    I love your gratitude - so true!

    Hi PLN,

    I think you raise an important point - that it is sometimes because we feel excluded that we then exclude ourselves, take ourselves out of a situation...

    I wasn't sure what I'd make of this deck with its "modern" take (hmm, I guess modern in contrast to traditional or post-modern, as it's not really modern as in up-to-date). Still, overall I'm rather enjoying it :)

  4. This is excellent. Definitely one of the best depictions I've seen. I can relate to this dude!


  5. Oh...maybe it isn't a dude. :) Sorry.

  6. Hi MM,

    Interesting that you saw this as a guy, as I straight away saw a woman! I quite like when decks allow this kind of open interpretation. If I were a Freudian I'd be furiously scribbling notes, though :D