Saturday, 22 October 2011

Loss and Lightness

This week I will be using the recently released Today's Journey Tarot.  For this first draw we meet the Five of Earth (Pentacles).

In this deck, the suits are given elemental titles (Fire, Water, Air and Earth) rather than the traditional Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles.  Nevertheless, while the image content is very modern, the concepts are still strongly connected with Rider Waite Smith notions.  We can see that here in the Five of Earth, where a woman sits dressed in mourning clothes, in a graveyard.  The idea of going through hard times, but perhaps finding spiritual sustenance, is certainly appropriate to this image.  So, while not people outside a church in rags, a common base can still be found.

On the other hand, this card does allow for quite different readings.  It suggests questions such as: what or who do I need to let go of?  Am I letting myself be restricted by cultural norms?  How can I help myself to grieve?  What are the effects of change in my life?  Do I need to redefine myself?

I am also struck by the feather floating down just above her head.  Is this a message from spirit?  A reminder that life can still be light and miraculous?  This reminds me of a recent post by Prince Le Normand on butterflies as messengers from spirit.

Today I am hoping for a quiet day - the last two weekends my Dear One was ill, and last weekend we also had friends over.  So, this weekend we plan to enjoy the relative calm, and the onset of autumn with a cold, crisp bite to the air.  Might be just right for a walk on the Heath, taking in the seasonal changes and the invigorating air.

I am grateful for the beauty of life even in times of hardship.


  1. I do hope you are having a quiet weekend so far! It's funny because at first glance I thought that the mourning woman was a guy in a baseball or softball uniform sitting out on the benches--sad because he couldn't play.

    Interesting. :)


  2. Hi MM,

    Wow, that's an off-the-wall take on this picture! Though it would be a good image for the Five of Pents ;)

    Having a good weekend, hope you are too!