Friday, 28 October 2011


The title of today's card from the Today's Journey Tarot is rather misleading, I think.  This is the Devil in most decks.  And whilst I agree that materialism fits well with one aspect of the Devil archetype, it is by no means the only element.

The card image itself, however, offers a far richer reading.  In the background, a casino floor; in the foreground a man setting up lines of coke, with a scantily-clad blonde to one side of him, and a clearly spaced-out guy on the other.  In front of him on the table we also see a gun, as well as scales to measure out the drugs.  This encapsulates well the ideas of addiction, sensuality, being tied to a source of pleasure, hedonism, violence, self-destructiveness, as well as, of course, materialism.

Today we have nothing in particular planned, apart from hopefully a nice meal in the evening.  I guess slouching around Madrid and then eating nice food is fairly hedonistic ;D

I am grateful for days when I can just cut loose, relax, and enjoy life.


  1. After reading what is going on in that version of The Devil, I was kind of wondering just what you had planned for tonight in Madrid, lol.

  2. Ha ha, I'm afraid I'm too old and dull to imitate anything in this card! My addictions these days run to spending too much time on the interwebs and enjoying nice food. Even the latter I rarely do to excess, and I've not been eating chocolates or desserts for over ten months - how boring can you get??

    Hope you're looking forward to an enjoyable weekend,

  3. That's what I love about The Devil. His tenptations change as we do. He's like a 'dark Santa', with whatever you might desire at any time lurking in his stocking. At one point, I might have been quite at home in this particular card's scene, but these days, I am simply resisting some fried chicken and the urge to go and spend money I don't have in the Halloween section of the local supermarket, lol.

    Congrats on your ten months of no chocolate and desserts. I am treading pretty much the same boring path, so I completely understand. However, the satisfaction of resistance is far greater (if we keep telling ourselves that, we might actually begin to believe it, Chloë) :)

  4. Hehe, you two rock.

    I also am trying not to eat as many sweets. I'm not sure if I'm quite as successful as you two but I'm working on it. Have to keep both blood sure and blood pressure at an even keel if I'm not going to keel over, you know!

    Hope y'all have a nice day!


  5. Someone once said that a good side of the Devil was the "Calgon, take me away" indulgence of this card. Every now and again, it's okay to let go.

  6. Oh yes, definitely, Arwen. I agree. Most times, however, you'll find me like that bloke who has passed out. I am not much good with moderation, whatever the vice might be, lol. But I do agree with my mum's old motto - 'a little bit of what you fancy does you good'.