Monday, 17 October 2011


Today's card from Tarot Leaves (Schiffer, 2011) by Beth Seilonen, is one which Kiki, the Tarot Dame, was inspired by to create a Full Moon Reading last week.

What I notice first is the shape of the leaf: more human-seeming than the other leaves we've had so far, it is reminiscent of a dancing figure.  Within its flowing form we see two pillars, a river running between them, and two dogs, one howling at the full moon above.

The shape and image together make me think about the fact that intuition, as well as fears and shadows, flow rather than being fixed.  They come and go at their own pace and time.  Sometimes we may wish intuition would come when we want it, and that fears would go, but they are hard to control, like the water that flows to the sea and can be redirected, but not stopped.  On the other hand, the movement here suggests that, for good or bad, these things will change: this too shall pass.

Today is my college day, I wonder what shadows I shall face there.  The topic of the day is trauma, dark memories that haunt.  We cannot grasp and stop our thoughts, but we can learn to anchor ourselves to a safer place and time.

I am grateful not to be adrift in a sea of bad memories.


  1. The Moon, such an appropriate card for that topic: don't allow the past to delude you; shine a light on it and see it clearly for what it is/was.
    I love Beth Seilonen's work :-)

  2. I really like this card - I have a soft spot for decks with a 'clean' artwork!

    I think this card relates perfectly to the theme you are going to discuss at college. Traumas and all the dark thought/feelings they engender belong to the realm of the moon...
    Since you are going to study it, it's good to keep the Hermit's light with you, to illuminate the path so you can tell illusions for reality. ;)

  3. Hi Viv,

    I'm not aware of Beth's other work, you've made me curious :)

    Yes, being deluded by the past is definitely a good fit for the Moon. Overall, the lecture, presentations and discussion were fairly illuminating...

  4. Hi Marina,

    Hmm, not sure I see this artwork as 'clean'. I guess it is fairly minimalist, and yet the leaf outline adds a layer of complexity...

    Ooh, interesting thought that in some Moon situations what might help is Hermit energy. I guess they are numerologically related :)